Guest Recipe: The 4 Blades Quick Pad Thai for Simple Meal Sunday

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The 4 Blades Quick Thermomix Pad Thai is one of those recipes that any time someone asks for a Pad Thai, its the one I see most recommended… and rightly so, its delicious! Once again, this recipe can be easily adapted to suit your dietary or pantry needs – for example:

  • Swap out the fish sauce with soy sauce for those with allergies
  • Substitute the tamarind paste with a medjool date and lime juice
  • Omit the egg for those with allergies
  • Use olive oil instead of peanut oil
  • Use konjac noodles instead of rice noodles for a low carb dish

You can also add a handful of prawns during step 7 for a seafood/chicken variation!

Bellini Users

Use your sharp blade for this recipe

At step 1 chop speed 7 for 2 seconds.
At step 2 chop for a little longer if the vegetable aren’t chopped to a suitable size.
At step 4 chop speed 7 for 2 seconds.

You can find the recipe here. 

A big thank you to Jennifer Horner of Jennifer Horner Photography for the main picture, as well as Rebecca Smith and Christine Russell for the additional photos.

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