Skinnymixers Pork Belly FAQ

Can I cook the Roasted Pork Belly in the Air Fryer?

  • As per recipe steam in the Varoma, then cook in the air fryer for 15 – 20 mins at 200 degrees. You may need to slice it after steaming to fit in the air fryer. You can thicken the apple sauce by cooking it for 5 mins in the thermie at 70 degrees.
  • Deboned Pork Belly may take less time but the ones with bones still in taste better.
  • Make sure the skin is dry and then score & salt liberally without oil.

Can I steam and bake later?

  • same day can be done, but be sure to dry out the rind for the crackling.

Other thermals:

o   Bellini fine

o   Kogan and Bellini tea towel over top

o   Kitchenaid add apples to small basket

•         Oven temperature is based on fan forced

•         Ovens are individual cook til crackles

•         No varoma – cook the pork in basket no apples.


  • Yes Belly is a fatty cut of meat but so delicious, use another cut if this is not your preference
  • Bones – yes this is normal for there to sometimes be bones in your pork belly, just leave them in and eat around

Can I use a different size piece of meat?

  • Larger piece of belly – layer in both trays
  • 2kg extra 40mins steam & oven extra 20mins, (switch to grill for the last 20 mins for crackle)
  • 1.6kg extra 30mins steam & oven extra 20mins, (then into air fryer for the crackle)
  • Note – check water levels if extending steaming times
  • Smaller (500g) reduce by 10 mins, pour less of apple sauce around when going into oven

Other cuts used by Skinnies

  • Rolled pork roast leg (unroll or keep rolled either is fine, just remove string)
  • Pork shoulder
  • Boneless pork piece
  • Roast pork
  • Rolled loin

§  Increase steaming time and steam in varoma dish (deep one) versus tray.

§  Cooking time – 1.4kg shoulder steam 1.5hr, oven 40 mins


Steam as per recipe, pat dry with paper towel, rub in with fingers some olive oil & sprinkled with salt and put in preheated oven 250C approx. 40 mins with apple sauce. If doesn’t crackle take off and pop under the grill. Can use BBQ/Weber also if doesn’t crackle (crank the Weber on high and chuck it in and check after 10 min)

Apple sauce:

  • Makes a lot of sauce
  • It is quiet liquid but will thicken up in the oven
  • With or without is fine – use x water to steam
  • Apples and water remain in jug when steaming the pork

Red or green apples?

  • Green are more tart which helps to balance out the fatty taste of the pork
  • People who have used both have found the green to be better
  • If using red or pink, which are sweeter, you can leave out the honey

Do I peel the apples?

  • The skin of the apple contains pectin which helps the sauce to thicken.
  • The recipe says to core the apples, but the core / seeds also contain pectin so people have left the core in successfully by just quartering the apple and throwing it in!

•       Apples are poured in the dish around the pork before going into the oven

•       I’ve burnt the apple – you could add the apples to the oven at later

Serving suggestions:

  • roast potatoes & steamed veggies,
  • sweet potato mash & steamed or roast veggies,
  • green veggies,
  • baby potatoes, greens & parsnip mash,
  • salad,
  • roast spuds and pumpkin and a basic mixed lettuce and fresh apple salad with caramelised onion and honey balsamic dressing,
  • Asian herbs and greens and garlic lemon mash o Vietnamese Salad
  • Serving variation – Chopped it up and made them into tacos with slaw and avocado, tomato & grilled corn salsa!