Nikalene Riddle Thermomix Cookbook Author and South Australian Food Blogger
At home in my beautiful new kitchen! I work from home with a small team to keep Skinnymixers developing healthy Thermomix & BBQ Recipes.

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Nikalene Riddle Skinnymixers Thermomix Recipes
Hi! I’m Nikalene Riddle but you can call me Nik

Hi! I’m Nik …

Growing up in an Australian Greek household on a market garden and vineyard instilled in me a deep appreciation for fresh flavours and family-friendly healthy recipes.

Our family meals were simple yet filled with love, centred around what ever was in season on the farm, paired with a protein. It also needed to be budget-friendly as my parents were feeding five girls and didn’t have a Thermomix®!

Recreating that sense of love, warmth and community for my “Skinnies,” reminiscent of my own childhood experiences, is the driving force behind my passion for sharing recipes.

As a single parent, daughter, sister, friend and businesswoman, I am committed to developing healthy recipes (for Thermomix ®, barbecue or conventional!) that resonate with individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their cooking ability, time constraints, dietary needs or budget. With input from our vibrant community, my recipes are constantly evolving to reach new audiences and embrace diverse lifestyles and cuisines. Authenticity is paramount to me when recreating recipes and flavours. My family often tease me, calling me a “dog with a bone” for my relentless pursuit of perfecting ingredients and spices. Many of the recipes I develop are heavily influenced by my travels, aiming to transport anyone who tries them to a place of nostalgia or introduce them to entirely new experiences.

I am eternally grateful to my bad-ass recipe development team, my family, friends and the Skinnymixer community for their invaluable contributions, which have enabled me to create something more profound (to me at least) than just a Thermomix cookbook. I look forward to welcoming you into our community and seeing what our team can cook up for you.

How did Skinnymixers begin?

Skinnymixers began its journey as a Facebook group devoted to crafting nutritious thermo cooking recipes and encouraging lifestyle inspiration. Since then, it has blossomed into a thriving community of over 250,000 people who exchange ideas, inspire, motivate and champion healthy living through shared experiences. We take immense pride in Skinnymixers being recognised as one of the largest and most dynamic international hubs for wholesome healthy Thermomix recipes and lifestyle tips. We acknowledge and celebrate the uniqueness of each person’s food journey and can’t wait to hear from you about what you need to help you lead your best culinary life.

Skinnymixers has grown organically over the last few years, after I was struggling to lose weight after childbirth, and noticed a distinct lack of healthy Thermomix recipes in the cooking community. I am passionate about creating healthy food without sacrificing on taste, and understand the need for flexibility in a recipe to cater for a wide range of dietary needs including: Paleo; Gluten Free; Dairy Free; LCHF; Sugar Free; Low Calorie/ Low Fat; Vegetarian; and, Low Fodmap. You may have been recommended my Butter Chicken Thermomix recipe!

Everyday I still pinch myself as I can’t believe what Skinnymixers has achieved since inception in 2013.

Nikalene Riddle Thermomix Cookbook Author and South Australian Food Blogger
At home in my beautiful new kitchen! I work from home with a small team to keep Skinnymixers developing healthy Thermomix and BBQ Recipes.

Skinnymixers Thermomix Cookbooks

In 2015, my first two cookbooks were released and sold out multiple print runs. If you don’t already have my first book ‘A Little Taste of India’ and ‘A Little Taste of Asia’ you can purchase it online in our Skinnymixers Shop. You will notice that it is very affordable, as it’s important to me that everyone has access to full flavour, healthy thermomix recipes – whatever your dietary needs.

In early 2016 I released my 3rd book, ‘The Healthy Mix’. A little different to my first two publications, ‘The Healthy Mix’ focuses on healthy every day type food much of what I’ve used during my weight loss journey. In 2015/2016 we’ve had an incredible response to all of the Skinnymixers books, selling over 60,000 units globally.

In August 2016 the much anticipated ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’, was launched after 2 trips to Mexico for recipe development. I’m truly proud of the recipes in this book, especially after ending up in a Mexican hospital with food poisoning on my first trip. After Mexico, I needed to take a break from cookbook development to recover from health issues and have spinal surgery. Progress was slow, but I eventually made it back into the kitchen for ‘The Healthy Mix II’.

In July 2017, my fifth cookbook ‘The Healthy Mix II’ was launched. My sixth cookbook ‘A Little Taste of Spain’ was released in January 2018 following the Skinnymixers Eurotrip in late 2017.

You can also find a selection of our books on the iBooks store.

My 7th cookbook ‘The Healthy Mix III’ was a huge success in July 2018 and I don’t know how we did it but my 8th cookbook ‘A Little Taste of Italy’ was released November 2018. I recently released my 14th cookbook ‘The Healthy Mix VI’.

All the cookbooks are available online in the Skinnymixers Shop.

I am very proud of our community of Skinnymixers that help and support each other daily in such a positive environment. I was truly honoured in 2015 to be named the St. George Bank Ausmumpreneur 2015 Influencer of the Year Award. Then in 2017 the first South Australian business to be nominated for a StarTrack Orias Award.

Skinnymixers has definitely opened up so many opportunities for me and has grown into something much greater than I ever dreamed of. Hopefully Skinnymixers can help you find something that inspires your own healthy food journey, but most importantly not sacrificing on flavour.

That’s me at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange!

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Love Nik xx


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