Thermal Cooker Conversions

Bellini & Supercook:

You will notice that all Skinnymixers recipes have special user tips at the bottom of each recipe to help with cooking the recipe in a Bellini or Supercook. We’d like to thank Leah Kelly and Sue Kling from Bellini Addicts for these helpful conversions.


Tefal Cuisine Companion Conversion Chart:

We try to ensure that all Skinnymixers recipes are able to be cooked in a range of different thermal cookers and not just the Thermomix. We’d like to thank Karen Shine for taking the time to provide a handy Tefal CC conversion chart. The below chart should work for all recipes except the multi layer ones eg Biryani.
For the Tefal CC you need to change blades but it’s very easy, like the TMX butterfly. The ultra blade is food processor style; the stirring blade is like a spoon that constantly stirs; butterfly attachment and dough blade. If you have any questions feel free to ask in Skinnymixers for any advice on converting specific recipes!

Teal CC Conversion