Spanish Ingredients

There aren’t too many specialty ingredients needed for the book ‘A Little Taste of Spain’, however we thought we would provide a resource for what rice to buy and where. If you come across any quality Spanish Paprika in your travels, we recommend buying it. Your dishes are only as good as the ingredients that you use. If you would prefer to buy the Spice Pack from Grandmaspantry.skinnymixers.com, don’t forget to use the discount code SKMIX for 10% off.

ALToS Spice List

The ‘Where to buy Spanish Rice’

We also have a new ‘Spanish Rice Stockists’ spreahseet, so if you come across any specialty Spanish rice in your travels please help us build up this invaluable resource by adding any shops you find here.

Types of Rice

Bomba Rice or Calasparra

Bomba Rice is available from Grandma’s Pantry

This is the recommended rice for the Spanish Rice recipe in ‘A Little Taste of Spain’, however it can be quite expensive (Approx. $9.95 for 500g-1kg).

Typically you won’t find Bomba Rice at the big supermarkets, the next best substitute is Arroz Spanish Rice or Paella Rice (unflavoured) which can sometimes be found in Woolworths. Alternatively we have also tested the recipe with Arborio rice which is widely found everywhere.

You will find the Bomba Rice at larger IGAs, specialty delicatessens and Grandma’s Pantry

There is also Bomba Rice in the ‘ALTo Spain Spice Pack’ from Grandmaspantry.skinnymixers.com. Don’t forget to use the code SKMIX for 10% off.

Spice Pack

If you would like fresh, top quality herbs and spices delivered to your door then we recommend buying the ‘ALTo Spain’ Spice Pack from Grandmaspantry.skinnymixers.com Skinnymixers can receive a 10% discount in store or online with the discount code SKMIX.

The pack comes with the Bomba Rice and Saffron threads, along with a good supply of quality Spanish Paprika.