Mexican Ingredients

To cook authentic Mexican recipes, we do need some specialty ingredients.

We tried to avoid specialty ingredients in the book as much as possible, as there are limited Mexican supplies in Australia. However to make an authentic Colorado Mole, dried Ancho Chillies and Guajillo Chillies are needed.

We have some fantastic affiliates that have stocked up on the Mexican essentials needed for the book. We highly recommend that you have a look at what Grandma’s Pantry and Vanilla & Co have to offer.

The ‘Where to buy Mexican Supplies’

We also have a new ‘Mexican Stockists’ spreadsheet, so if you come across any Mexican ingredients in your travels please help us build up this invaluable resource by adding any shops you find here.

ALToM Shopping List

Fresh ALToM Ingredients

Fresh Jalapeños

You will find fresh jalapeños in the chilli section at major supermarkets and green grocers. All the fresh jalapeños in the book can be substituted with pickled jalapeños as well.

Chipotle Chilli Powder

Typically you won’t find chipotle chilli powder at the supermarket (unless they have a specialty spice section), you can however substitute with smoked paprika + a pinch of cayenne which are found at the supermarket. You will find chipotle chilli powder at specialty delicatessens, Mexican Grocers, Grandma’s Pantry and Vanilla & Co.

Chipotle in Adobo Sauce

Chipotles in Adobo Sauce are spicy and add a lovely smoky flavour to Mexican dishes. You can easily control the heat level of a dish by altering the amount used. You can purchase this in the mexican section of some Woolworths, international food section of some larger IGA’s, specialty delicatessens, Mexican Grocers, Grandma’s Pantry and Vanilla & Co.

The commercially available products won’t be Paleo or strict LCHF friendly, however you can also make your own with Skinnymixer’s Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.

Brand found at Woolworths
Brand found at Woolworths

Ancho Dried Chillies (Whole)

Used in the Colorado Mole and if you were wanting to make your own Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce.  You will find these at specialty delicatessens, Mexican Grocers, Grandma’s Pantry and Vanilla & Co.

Guajillo Dried Chillies (Whole)

Used in the Colorado Mole. You will find these at specialty delicatessens, Mexican Grocers, Grandma’s Pantry and Vanilla & Co.

Tamarind Paste/ Puree

If you can get Tamarind Paste from your Asian supermarket or from the supermarket that is the preference. However Tamarind Puree is also acceptable – which is widely available in most supermarkets or Grandma’s Pantry Online.

Chipotle Chillies (whole Morita)

You can source these specialty chillies  from your local Mexican retailer, or through one of our awesome affiliates (soon! they are getting stock) Grandmas Pantry or Vanilla&Co.

Grandma’s Pantry Online

Our friends at Grandma’s Pantry have Mexican Spice Packs.
Enjoy the convenience of having all the required spices and additional specialty ingredients to fully stock your pantry for ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’Grandma’s Pantry offer incredible value for a quality product delivered to your door. Grandma’s Pantry has always been popular for Skinnymixers in regional areas, but also for those who like the convenience of the Spice Packs.


Vanilla & Co

Did you know that Vanilla & Co now stock Vanilla & Chillies?
You can now combine the postage on your next Vanilla Bean order and get some of the harder to get Mexican Imports. Enjoy $6 flat rate shipping within Australia and free shipping for orders over $60.

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