Sticky Szechuan Chicken
Sticky Szechuan Chicken in the Slow Cooker is AMAZING

Slow Cooker Meals & Tips

The Thermomix & Slow Cooker are the perfect partners for these time saving healthy Slow Cooker meal recipes. Below are the Slow Cooker tips collected from the Skinnymixer’s Facebook Group for your favourite Skinnymixers Recipes!

***Please note: These tips are from our community and have not been tested by Skinnymixers. Please make sure you follow the directions for your own appliance.***

General Notes:

  • Double your amount of meat (and marinate if has one) as there is plenty of sauce
  • Any creamy ingredients in recipes goes in at the end to avoid curdling.
  • General cooking time beef/lamb 6-8 hours on low, chicken thigh 4-5 hours on low, chicken breast 2-3 hours on low.
  • You can use cheaper cuts (stewing/gravy/chuck) when slow cooking.
  • Lamb cuts recommended are diced lamb, lamb shoulder, neck, forequarter chops (with bones removed).
  • Dairy free variations use coconut cream for cream or yoghurt and olive oil for butter.

Thermomix Curries

ALTOI: Beef Madras – Do steps 1 – 4 in Thermo then add all to the slow cooker. On low for 7-8 hours. Used gravy/chuck beef (1.5kg). Reduce sauce down after its done if too watery.

Butter Chicken – marinate chicken and make the sauce in thermy (without chicken, cream or nuts) then add that to the slowcooker with the marinated chicken (increased amount approx 2kg, double marinade as well), then before serving add the cream and nuts. Thighs Low 4-5 hours. Breast Low 2-3 hours.

ALTOI: Bhuna Gosht – Do up to step 4 in TM then add to slow cooker with 1kg beef. Low 8 hours. Add in cream at end.

ALTOI: Lamb Korma – Follow the instructions for the marinade and gravy in full. Then until the point that you add the meat – softening the onion in the butter/tomato paste. Seal the lamb in a hot pan, just enough to lock in the juices and stop the meat boiling, and then add the gravy, onion mix and meat to the slow cooker. Give a good stir and cook on low for a minimum 4hrs

ALTOI: Vindaloo – Cook on low 6-8 hours, remove lid towards the end if sauce needs reducing.

Massaman – Follow recipe right up until it says cook for an hour etc, then into the slow cooker

ALTOI: Chicken Tikka Masala – Add cream and capsicum in last 30 minutes

ALTOA: Beef Rendang – Follow recipe up to step 3. Add all ingredients and give a quick stir then move to slow cooker and cook on low 6-7 hours.

Other Recipes

ALTOA: Sticky Szechuan Pork with Asian Broth Soup – Use the broth as a master stock to cook a whole chicken, then finish with Sticky Sauce in a hot oven.

THM: Middle Eastern Lamb  – Marinated a Lamb Chops. Add chops in slow cooker, with added marinade and ensured each piece of meat had some on top and bottom, put lid on and put on low 6hrs

ALTOM: TAMARIND CHIPOTLE RIBS – Add your chosen meat into the slow cooker with added marinade. Cook on low for 6 – 8 hrs until the meat is fall apart tender. Reduce towards the end if needed or quickly roast in the oven to get a nice crust.

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