Choc Chip Oat Bars Flavour Variations

With everyone in Skinnymixers loving the Choc Chip Oat Bars, we thought we would compile a list of all the different flavour variations to help you create some snack inspiration in the kitchen!

Also popular is to use small cupcake trays to make Oaty Bites. When cooled, pop them into the freezer for a fast healthy Lunchbox Filler.

You can view the original recipe here.

Skinnymixers Choc Oat Bites

NOTE: When adding dried fruit, you may wish to cut down the sugar content to balance the sweetness.

  • Choc / caramel chips
  • White or dark choc and dried cranberries
  • White choc and dried apricots
  • Dark choc and substitute 50g of oats for rice puffs
  • Half sultanas and choc chips with melted chocolate drizzled on top
  • Honey, choc chips and cherries
  • Dark choc chips and peppermint essence
  • Dark choc chips, cranberries, chopped almonds and shredded coconut
  • Dried blueberries and dried mixed fruit to replace some or all of the choc chips
  • Dark choc and naked ginger
  • Dark choc and orange zest
  • Orange zest and cacao nibs
  • Choc chips and Reece’s peanut butter chips
  • No choc chips, Rapadura sugar instead of coconut, sunflower, pumpkin and chia seeds, flax meal, prunes, craisins, coconut, butter, honey, cinnamon and vanilla
  • 300g low cholesterol mix (sunflower seeds, sultanas,pepitas, almonds), 150g oats and 50g honey
  • Veganised: Coconut milk, Sweet William choc chips and 9 tablespoons of aquafaba to replace the eggs.