How to use your machine safely

How to use your machine safely

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Safety of ourselves and our Thermo Cooking machines / Thermomix is something that is really important to Skinnymixers.

We’ve collected a few of the general safety tips that have been shared amongst our
community along the way to help new thermal cooker users get the most out of
their machines and put them in this one easy location for you all to refer to and share!

We hope you find them useful.

Note: Always read and refer to your full user guide for all of the specifications
for your particular machine.


It is really important to keep an eye on your machine when you are kneading dough. As the dough forms a ball and is moved around it can sometimes cause the machine to become unbalanced and it could wiggle it’s way off the bench.


Basic steam awareness is always something to be mindful of and put into practice when cooking – in the same way that when you are lifting the lid off a pot on the stove, ensure that you remove the mixing bowl lid or Varoma lid in a way that directs the steam away from you.

If you are unsure how to do this, wear heat protection on your hands until you can work out how to achieve this.


The blades on these machines are very sharp! Be very mindful when cleaning the blades that you are aware of what edge is the sharp edge, or if you are handle the sharp blade – depending on your machine.

Using a scrubbing brush instead of a cloth to clean the bowl and blades is highly recommended.

Also, scraping out your food in a clock wise motion will help prevent damage to your spatulas.


When using a spatula to move food around whilst the machine is in operation means you must use a spatula that has the stopper guard that prevents it from touching the blades.

Using a regular spatula in this way not only risks damage to your machine and the spatula, but is also a danger to yourself as the spatula will be flicked around and could cause an injury.


Whenever you are moving your machine around the home – use the handle if it has one, be very secure when lifting it and always place it down gently to avoid damaging the machine.

When moving for longer distances, ensure you activate transport mode, if the machine has one and use a specifically designed carry case, your original packaging or use towels etc… to protect the underside of your machine.

Machine limits

Know these! And stick to them. Overloading your machine can cause damage.  All machines have different weight capacities and liquid capacity levels.  You will always find this information in your User Guide.

Ensure that a recipe you are following meets your particular machines capacity.

Butterfly Whisk

If this is an attachment that your machine has, then please note that it must not be used above Speed 4.   Any speed above that risks breaking the whisk.

There is also a right way, and a wrong way, to place the Butterfly Whisk into your machine.
The whisk is placed at the back of the blade that has an upward bend to it.

Ensure your consultant has shown you the correct technique


This is an unfortunately common occurrence. So common, we have a whole other section in the Knowledge Base that covers what to do – however, it is worth mentioning here also.

A good practice to get into, is that unless the bowl is complete it goes nowhere near the base unit!!! A helpful family member is often the cause of machine flooding when they have tried to help by putting part of the Thermomix away.

It’s also good practice to have a quick peek into the bowl before starting – setting both of these small measures in place will mean you will definitely reduce your chance of flooding your machine!


When using your machine to blend your food it is always important to follow the recommended process in your user guide.  Some general tips on this are to always ensure that your MC (or measuring cup/lid) are in place properly and when blending hot foods you need to gradually increase the speed.