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In Recipes

  • Steaming Temp = Varoma (this is the highest cooking setting on the Thermomix. Turn the dial all the way around)
  • Deep Steaming Tray = the large steaming tray you place on top of the machine. Thermomix call theirs Varoma.
  • Simmering Basket = the basket that sits inside the jug.
  • MC ON / MC OFF = Measuring Cup On or Off
  • Slowest Speed = Spoon / Stir

The Books

You may also find that the names of the Skinnymixers Books found in the Skinnymixers Shop are often shortened to the following.

  • THM = ‘The Healthy Mix’
  • THMII or THM2 = ‘The Healthy Mix II’
  • ALToS = ‘A Little Taste of Spain’
  • ALToI = ‘A Little Taste of India’
  • ALToA = ‘A Little Taste of Asia’
  • ALToM = ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’