Has your butterfly or lid turned green?

How to remove curry stains on your lid & butterfly

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Has your butterfly or lid turned green?

If you are a Skinnymixer or love to cook curries, then chances are that turmeric has turned your lid and butterfly green.

Firstly, welcome to the green butterfly club!

At first you maybe concerned about how to change the colour back, it will fade with time and won’t impact the use of the machine. Some people say to put them out in the sun to fade the stains, however this can over time impact the plastic.

The best solution is to not worry about the stains. If you have a second mixer bowl, you may wish to keep one for sweet recipes or non-curry recipes.

If you are worried about the smell and can’t put it through the dishwasher, then we recommend trying one of these cleaning tips.

Tips from the Skinnymixers Community:

  • Make a paste of bi-carb & water to cover the lid. Leave it dry and then pour vinegar over the dry paste. Use water and a soft cloth to wipe away.
  • Rinse off the lid after cooking, to try to avoid discolouration.
  • You can also spray the top of your lid with olive oil to try to stop the stains reaching it in the first place.