How to test the heating function on your Thermomix

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If you are concerned that your Thermomix is no longer heating like it is meant to, you can do the Boiling Water Test. However not all recipes will actually reach the temperature setting, as it depends on the contents in the mixer bowl. As an example the recipe is developed for 6 mins at steaming temperature, but the recipe creator knows it won’t be on steaming temp for the 6 mins or may not even reach it. It is purely the temperature setting.

The Boiling Water Test

  1. Start with a clean and room temperature mixer bowl. Add 1 litre of water
  2. Heat 9 min/100c/Speed 2
  3. Water should boil in less than 9 minutes (usually closer to 7 minutes)
  4. Please do this test over 3 days, recording the time showing on the screen at which point, the next temp setting is reached. This will allow the Service Team to help troubleshoot the problem.

We recommend calling the Thermomix Technical Support Team on 1800 004 838 (Weekdays 8am – 5pm). The customer service team will be able to help you troubleshoot what the problem is.

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