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skinnymixer's Dairy-Free Cheesy Spelt Pasta

This Dairy-Free Cheesy Spelt Pasta is the dairy-free version of the Macaroni Cheese with a Twist Thermomix recipe. Filled with hidden vegetables, this “cheesy” Thermomix pasta uses nutritional yeast flakes / savoury yeast flakes to get that Mac n Cheese flavour.

skinnymixer's Dairy Free Cheesy Spelt Pasta

skinnymixer's Dairy-Free Cheesy Spelt Pasta

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Prep Time: 4 minutes
Cook Time: 37 minutes
Total Time: 41 minutes


  • 250-500 g oz spelt pasta - or normal pasta, GF pasta…
  • 1 medium zucchini - - medium rough chop
  • 1 large carrot - - small rough chop
  • 120 g cauli - - roughly chopped
  • 200 g white potato - - peeled, small rough chop
  • 200 g sweet potato - - peeled, small rough chop
  • 2 celery stalks - – medium rough chop, no leaves
  • 1 tbsp stock concentrate - veg or chicken
  • 1-2 tsp salt or herbamere - (I used 2 tsp)
  • 100 g | 3.5 oz cashews - or 100g sunflower seeds for nut free!
  • 500 g | 17.6 oz water
  • 2 tsp nutritional yeast flakes - optional extra, don’t go out and buy it special
  • 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  • 1 tsp paprika


  • Add 1,200 g or 42.3 oz water to mixer bowl and cook 10 min/steaming temp/speed 1/MC on.
  • While water is heating, prepare vegetables and arrange on bottom steamer tray.
  • When timer is up, add pasta straight to the mixer bowl and put steamer tray in place.
  • Cook 10 min/steaming temp/speed 1/reverse stirring veggies up half way through.
  • Pasta should be al dente, drain water from pasta and reserve pasta to an insulated server pot.
  • Put vegetables into mixer bowl and purée on 10 sec/speed 7/MC on (it does not matter if vegetables are not fully cooked).
  • Add cashews, water, stock, salt, paprika, mustard and nutritional yeast flakes if using.
  • Cook 15 min/100°C or 212°F/speed 2/MC on.
  • Purée for 90 sec/speed 9/MC on.
  • Stir desired amount of sauce through pasta and serve.


This will make at least 4 serves of “cheesy” sauce – freeze in portions and reuse for lasagne béchamel, cheesy veg bake, tuna mornay, fish pies etc 🙂
You can substitute some of the veg for other veg 🙂
This recipe is extremely flexible and versatile. You can mix the veg up to use what you have. i.e. I don't eat white potato or celery, so I used 250 g or 8.8 oz cauliflower instead and it was perfect!
** TO REHEAT FROM FROZEN ** defrost and mix on speed 2 for 2 minutes, 70°C or 160°F and it will return to original consistency ***
Bellini Users
Use your blunt blade for this recipe.
At step 2 and step 5 use ST temp and speed 1 if using an Intelli, popping a tea towel over the steamer attachment and 130 degrees and speed 1 if using a Supercook.
At step 10 start at speed 4 and gradually work your way up to speed 9.
Tried this recipe?Mention @skinnymixer or tag #skinnymixers!
  1. The kids love this (I may be partial to it too!). We have made it many times and if I remember, I am going to try it with some chicken and spinach next time.

  2. Wow! Nikalene, this was amazing! I waited patiently for my yeast flakes to arrive so I could make this. The first bowl of pasta my 13yo daughter has finished in a very long time. So much so that she and the rest of the family almost resorted to licking their bowls! I did use wheat pasta, topped it off with some lightly crisped bacon, and we had a winner! This will be a go-to around here from now on 🙂

  3. Really sad it was not a hit at my house, except with the 2yr old. Omitted cashews due to allergy (didn’t want grittiness of seeds so omitted them too) but I can’t imagine it being that much better with them. Added acv, more salt, more nut. yeast and it was a touch better. We love Zucchini cheese so thought for sure we’d love this.

  4. 5 stars
    I made this last night for my 8yr old son (allergic to dairy, eggs & peanuts). He absolutely loved it & even asked to take it to school today in his thermos! Will definitely be making this again. Thanks 🙂

  5. Very tasty! Mr 7 is devoured his and said it’s 10x better than tomato sauce…haha! Thanks for a lovely dairy and wheat-free alternative to one of the kids’ favourite meals!

  6. This was delicious. My two boys loved it. We ate the leftover ‘sauce’ as soup the next day, it made such a thick, creamy and smooth soup. YUM!!

  7. This is by far my favorite recipe from skinnymixers. The kids are dairy free, and my eldest asked if I was feeding them dairy. He didn’t believe it was dairy free. They since have been turning their noses up at my old version. Which was rice milk, corn flour, nutalex and bio cheese. Thanks HEAPS

  8. Yum! Finally made this – have saved it for months waiting on time and cauliflower! Shouldn’t have waited so long, so easy and so yum!
    Even got hubby saying “it’s not bad” – considering he doesn’t like veggies that’s an achievement!
    3 portions ready in the freezer now!

  9. Wow! Just look at the kids go! I love I could eat it (egg and dairy free), love all the veggies, love how many portions it makes and love how it tastes. Thanks for a great recipe!

  10. I could taste the cheesiness but it was quite faint and overall it was quite bland. I used the Thermomix EDC vegetable stock paste, but everything was exact. I wasn’t expecting it to be like traditional cheese sauce but thought there’d be more flavour. Nethertheless, Mr 2 seemed to enjoy it!

  11. I love this recipe. It’s especially yummy with browned onion, mushrooms and bacon added to the pasta and sauce before serving. Such a comforting meal!

  12. This is my grandies favourite meal I cook for them. Especially loved by my non vegetable eating 6 yo grandson. Using it in place of béchamel sauce to make a giant lasagne tonight.

  13. Fantastic versatile sauce. Tasty and a winner with adults and toddler. Plus mixed through more bland vegies great for my big baby (10mo)

  14. I love this recipe. Have made it several times and tried it out on my neighbours kids who thought it was yum. I did drop the celery out and like it even more that way 🙂 thank you

  15. Finally made this after hearing about it for so long! Loved it! Had it with pasta the first night and then with leftovers baked it in a vegie bake things. So yummy!! Will be making it again and again!!

  16. I use this sauce instead of bechamel in lasagne, add a little to my potato bake, also as a topping to pasta/bolognaise. Adds so much flavour & of course is packed with vegetables so win, win. I also successfully freeze the sauce reheat, whisk & use.

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