skinnymixer’s – A Little Taste of India – Mini Cookbook!

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‘A Little Taste of India’ Mini Cookbook

Skinny mixers A Little Taste of India

An A5 mini cookbook collection of 10 recipes, highlighting the depth and complexity of authentic Indian cuisine, with the ease of thermal cooking. Extensively tested in the top three popular Thermal Cookers, with step by step instructions that will guide you through producing mouth-watering meals.

ALToI Heat factors:

  • Butter Chicken *
  • Chicken Tikka Massala **
  • Sambal Udang ***
  • Beef Madras *
  • Beef Vindaloo ***
  • Bhuna Gosht ***
  • Lamb Korma *

* = mild, ** = hot, *** = very hot

Click here to buy: http://skinnymixers.myshopify.com 

Love Nik xx

  1. Good evening. Is it possible to buy the e-book pretty please? It doesnt shipped to my country. I had the butter chicken at a friends house for dinner, she used her thermomix, i will use the slow cooker. It was delicious. I asked her for the recipe as i am going to prepare it for my guest this week. Thanks.

  2. Love this book. I keep on changing my mind on which recipe is my favourite though. This week it’s the Chicken Tikka Masala. The vindaloo is to die for! And the madras is so easy and so good.
    Oh and the Korma….. omg !
    Love them all !❤

  3. This is my “go to cookbook. All the recipes are amazing. My favorites are the Bhuna Gosht, the Tikka Masala & of course the Butter Chicken. I am currently on the 5:2 diet and the Cauliflower rice is a filling &tasty dish for my fast days.Highly recommended

  4. As someone who is an avid collector of recipe books this has to be one of my favourites. I have tried every recipe in the book and not been disappointed with any of them. This is one super talented lady. Can’t wait for your next recipe book

  5. Bhuna Gosht – kids review (age 10, 12, 16)

    1. This is awesome mum
    2. Just the right amount of spice
    3. Heaps of sauce I can dip my naan bread in
    4. No heaps of sauce I can mix with my rice
    5. Make this again

    Hubby review (age 43)
    1. This is really nice
    2. Good spice
    3. Really clears your sinuses (lol)
    4. Yep you can make this again

    So now you’ve got a review from a few different ages and it’s unanimous THUMBS UP

  6. Hi Nik, I was at a friend’s house today and she showed me the physical version of your cook book – it is beautiful.

    Are you doing another print run? I’d really like to buy it if you do.

    You do such an amazing job – thank you.
    Cass x

  7. Thank you Nik for developing this amazing recipe book. The dishes are so delicious! Well done for all your hard work 🙂

  8. Love my book n pdf. Want to buy ALTOI for my friend. Will the book be back in stock soon please? Will there still be the option to buy book and pdf? If I order and pay but want pdf to go to her email address how do I do that please? Thanks

  9. This week I have made the Butter Chicken and the Lamb Korma both as love gifts for unwell friends. It nearly broke my heart giving the meals away as I love them so much. Hoping my friends will love the meals too. Well done Nik, I think you are awesome and wish you every success with your book and any future recipes or books in the pipeline xx

  10. Hi Nicky, it was great to meet you last Tuesday in Melbourne. I look forward to learning more from your yummy recipes and encouraging my friends and family to do the same. Best wishes x x

  11. Thank-you! I think this cookbook is already the most used cookbook in my collection. There are some truly standout dishes in here well worth the small price tag – the Bhuna Gosht & Lamb Korma are amazeballs. This is definitely the ultimate curry bible. Can’t wait for mango season to come for an unlimited supply of Mango Lassi… mmmmmmm…..

  12. For anyone wondering if they really need this cook booklet, the answer is YES. Beautiful, authentic tasting recipes with easy to follow instructions that will potentially drive Indian Restaurants out of business when you only ever want to cook Indian at home.
    A wonderful job! Thanks so much for your hard work, Nik xx

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