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Chorizo Meatballs with homemade chorizo

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THMII: Chorizo Meatballs with Homemade Chorizo

This is another recipe that I have been cooking for years, yet have not gotten around to putting on the website because of how difficult it can be to find raw chorizo mince. When you do find it, you definitely don’t want to look at the ingredients list! A big thank you to Brooke for giving me the idea of teaching people how to make their own healthy chorizo mince.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time30 mins
Author: Skinnymixers
Recipe type: Dinner
Servings: 4


  • 500 g pork mince
  • smoked paprika
  • cumin powder
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • dried oregano leaves
  • cayenne pepper optional
  • diced canned tomato
  • tomato paste
  • stock concentrate



This recipe has Low Carb Healthy Fat and Super Skinny variations.
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Nutrition Facts
THMII: Chorizo Meatballs with Homemade Chorizo
Amount Per Serving (240 g)
Calories 268 Calories from Fat 127
% Daily Value*
Fat 14.1g22%
Saturated Fat 4.8g30%
Sodium 1200mg52%
Carbohydrates 7.1g2%
Sugar 5.8g6%
Protein 26.7g53%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


  1. First skinnymixer meal made and totally love it. Purchased all books and veey excited to try more. Thank you x

  2. Delicious, quick and easy family meal. Everyone loved it, and that chorizo mix? You’re a genius Nik. One THMII recipe down and I can’t wait to try the next one already. Thank you!!

  3. Very tasty! I didnt think they would be as nice as they were steamed (not fried) but they were delicious. I liked the flavour better the next day, perfect for freezing for busy nights.

  4. Best meatballs I have made in my thermi to date! So yum! Served with sweet potato mash and broccolini. Thanks Nik!!

  5. So delicious. I’m generally not a huge meatball or pasta sauce fan by loved this. So much flavor. Prepared the mince a couple of days in advance and husband was able to do the rest while I was out. So flavoursome. I served mine with pasta and Skinnymixers wraps to mop up the sauce.

  6. Love love love this sauce!!! I served this with a cauliflower mash, and it was a delicious, warming meal. Thanks Nik!

  7. I was skeptical about two things making this recipe, 1- would it actually taste like Chorizo, and 2- would it be cooked after 20 minutes.
    I literally inhaled the entire meal, and couldn’t stop! It was almost embarrassing how quickly I ate it,

    Thank you SO MUCH, I love this recipe.

  8. Are we really supposed to leave the mc off for both cooking steps? I can’t see how the balls will cook like this???

  9. Wow! Such an amazing meal, it’s so quick and easy that I managed to make 2 batches in such a small timeframe, it’s so easy to prepare to cook later too!

  10. I have a Tefal Cuisine Companion and made this tonight with cauliflower mash. It was AMAZING!! Tip: use ultrablade to mix all meatball ingredients together and then cook meatballs in with sauce (not in steamer basket), mixer blade, speed 3, 120 degrees, 20 minutes.

  11. After first 10 minutes I was concerned it wouldn’t cook through (I had nearly 600g pork). But 2nd 10 minutes fully cooked. Served with zoodles and broccoli steamed in Varoma for last 10 minutes.
    Very tasty – may not be buying chorizo again! Love someone’s tip on FB re doubling & steaming in Varoma. Easy & tasty. Thanks Nik

  12. 10/10 Top Restaurant quality meal with amazing taste and flavours yet so quick simple and easy to prepare. I served ours on spaghetti tonight as spaghetti and meatballs a fave of Mr 13. He thoroughly enjoyed it with the chorizo meatballs. Hubby and I also loved our dinner tonight. Another amazing meal by Nikalene, yet to try a bad one 😍

  13. Wow! We had this for dinner tonight and it was just amazing! I’ve always felt left out not eating chorizo as my husband loves it but I don’t like pork so subbed with chicken breast. Really yummy and a big thumbs up from him too! 😊

  14. I am new to thermomix and skinny mixers.
    I have just bought the Thm and Thm11. Ib this recipe (chorizo meatballs) what stock paste should I use?

    1. I used chicken stock because it was all I had. Worked well. Yum. Home sick today. Just had for a light lunch with green salad. Will be on repeat list.

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