beef bourguignon Thermomix Recipe

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French food would be one of my favourite cuisines, because it’s often deliciously rich but humble. This Beef Bourguignon Thermomix recipe produces tender beef & is the ultimate comfort food recipe.

I have wanted to try my hand at a Beef Bourguignon recipe for quite some time now, but I was hesitant because I hadn’t yet mastered producing tender beef in the Thermomix.

While I am not a big wine drinker, when I cook with wine I like to choose a good quality organic drinking wine to use, as having grown up on a market garden and vineyard, I know what goes onto grapes and into the soil (chemicals, fertilisers and sprays). 

Pure Vision is a 100% certified organic wine, made just down the road from the farm I grew up on in Virginia, and where I currently live.

I believe strongly in supporting local businesses, which is why this isn’t a sponsored plug and just a passionate recommendation.

I hope your family love this one.

Love Nik xx

I like to serve this healthy Thermomix recipe with the Rustic Mashed Potato from the Rustic Shepherd’s Pie recipe or the Cauliflower Mash.

Beef Bourguignon served with rustic mash
Beef Bourguignon cooked in the slow cooker served with rustic mash

Slow Cooker Instructions

  1. Transfer to the slow cooker after Step 2 and increase the meat if you like.
  2. Omit the water & only use stock paste (this reduces the liquid).
  3. Cook on low for 8hrs, remove lid to reduce in the last 30 mins if required.
beef bourguignon Thermomix Recipe

skinnymixer's Beef Bourguignon

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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Beef, French
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 46 minutes
Total Time: 56 minutes
Servings: 6
Calories: 289kcal


  • 1 medium brown onion - peeled, quartered
  • 3 garlic cloves - peeled
  • 100 g speck or streaky bacon - thinly sliced
  • 20 g olive oil
  • 700 g gravy beef - trimmed and cubed medium/small
  • 300 g liquid beef stock - or 300 g | 10.6 oz water + 1 Tbsp beef stock concentrate
  • 200 g red wine - I used Pure Vision Organic Merlot
  • 100 g small shallots - peeled, whole
  • 50 g tomato paste
  • 2 x bay leaf
  • 5 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • 1/2 - 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp cracked black pepper
  • 100 g button mushrooms - halved


  • Add onion and garlic to mixer bowl, chop for 2 sec/speed 6/MC on. Scrape bowl down.
  • Add speck and oil, cook for 5 min/100°C or 212°F/speed 1/MC off.
  • Add remaining ingredients, except for the mushrooms, and cook for 30 min/steaming temp/slowest speed/MC off. Put the simmering basket over the hole to avoid making a mess of your kitchen.
  • Add mushrooms and cook for a further 10 min/steaming temp/slowest speed/MC off. Put the simmering basket over the hole to avoid making a mess of your kitchen. You may need a little more or less time depending on your thermal cooker - because beef tends to have different water content levels, watch this recipe closely towards the end to avoid the meat disintegrating or drying out.


Bellini Users
Use your blunt blade for this recipe
At step 1 repeat if necessary.
At step 3 use ST temp and sp 1 if using an Intelli and 120 degrees and sp 1 if using a Supercook.
At step 4 use ST temp and sp 1 if using an Intelli and 120 degrees and sp 1 if using a Supercook.
Tried this recipe?Mention @skinnymixer or tag #skinnymixers!


Serving: 200g | Calories: 289kcal | Carbohydrates: 3.7g | Protein: 30.9g | Fat: 14.5g | Saturated Fat: 4.6g | Sodium: 981mg | Sugar: 3.1g

Beef Bourguignon Thermomix Recipe by Skinnymixers

  1. Delicious! Had planned to cook it in my slow cooker but did not get time to prep before I went to work so just cooked it in the Thermie when I got home. Thumbs up from all of my family 🙂

  2. Do you think it’s possible to make without the red wine? Any ideas for what would be best to substitute that quantity of liquid for? Thank you 😊

  3. 5 stars
    Made this recipe after a few recommended it to me in the Facebook group. Amazing Recipe. Very nice flavor. I did it in the pressure cooker for 1.5hrs with 1kg beef cut bigger and 500ml stock and served with the cauli mash. As I do not really like this type of meat cooked in the thermi. We all enjoyed it besides fussy 2.5yr old who refused to try.

  4. This is without a doubt the best Skinnymixer recipe I have tried. I followed the recipe exactly as had not made it before and it was delicious! I added mashed potato to the top and put in oven long enough to brown off the top.

  5. I halved the recipe. Tasted ok although the broth evaporated so I ended up with beef coated in a thick paste.. could this be because MC was off? Or should I have kept the liquids quantity per the original recipe

      1. Hi, Just tried this again today and used the full amount of liquids per recipe. The gravy was great this time round, but oddly, the beef was tough this time, even after an additional 20mins at Varoma. I used stewing beef both times, so not sure what went wrong . The beef was fine the first time I cooked it. What other beef can be I used other than stewing beef.

        1. Hi Veronica, I generally use chuck steak or gravy beef. I’ve found the key is to make sure all of the sinew and fat is trimmed off and the cubes are really small. It’s been beautiful each time. I have seen others use rump instead – still removing the fat but just cutting the cubes slightly larger 🙂

          1. Thanks for the tip! I tried again , with beef Shin this time and 20mins more. Was perfect. Third time lucky !

  6. Wow! This was incredible. So easy to make and such a beautiful flavour. Will definitely be making this often!

  7. I made this in my slow cooker with a piece of blade roasting meat cut into pieces. I used an extra half onion as I had no shallots, dried herb mix with marjoram, sage & thyme and bacon pieces from a packet (working with what I had at home). It cooked slowly from 10:30pm until 6am. We had it for lunch today; I put some frozen vegies in it while it warmed up and served with fresh cheese and bacon rolls for those that wanted them. It has a lovely subtle flavour and the meat is beautifully tender. Thanks for a very good recipe!

    1. Brilliamt idea about bacon pieces. Found some in mu cupboard which makes up for the fact I ate my last real bacon last night for dinner. Have just added to my partly cooked meal 😍

  8. Making this today to leave for the men in the house while i’m away next week for work. Cooking on reverse. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

    1. Yep, success!! House smells good too. I think it’s better cooking it in reverse. Some of the meat has broken down but there are plenty of chunky bits as well. I think the boys will be capable of making polenta to serve with it.
      Thanks Nik!!

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  10. Delicious – forgot bacon so subbed with 100g of chopped up chorizo we had in the fridge. I also put in the slow cooked for 1.5 hours on high after the first 30mins.. will definitely make again.. also couldn’t find any shallots so left them out..

    1. How did it taste with the chorizo in it? I’d be keen to add that instead of Bacon so would love to know what you thought of it. 🙂

  11. Amazing dish I finished it off in the slow cooker after the first 30mins cooked on high for 3 hours and then reduced the sauce. Served with a cauliflower purée absolutely delicious even my 4 year old liked it. Thanks Nik x

  12. We had some gravy beef that needed using and stacks of mushrooms. And what a great reason to buy a bottle of red wine too 😉 This was SO good. We had it with cauliflower mash and everything was AMAZING!!! Thanks, Nik!

  13. Yum! Made this tonight and was very happy with the result – delicious! I added a bit of worcestershire sauce just because I love it, without the taste is still amazing.
    I made mash potato at the same time – followed the shepards pie method by having potatoes steaming in top while the stew was cooking. Made for a very easy meal.
    Thanks for a great recipe!

    1. I have popped whole baby potatoes in the steamer too. I’m looking forward to it- it smells amazing !!!

  14. This is hands down the best stew ever. Can’t believe I spent so many days using a croc pot to make beef stew. This rocks. Partner agrees. Used half the meat and added in capsicum, celery and zucchini. Thank you!

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