skinnymixer’s Paleo Mug Cake Edible Gift Pack

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skinnymixer's Paleo Mug Cake
skinnymixer’s Paleo Mug Cake

So, who likes to make homemade edible gifts but can’t find healthy options…? And who is interested in helping fund-raise for a skinnymixer’s cookbook (or two, or three!)?

It just so happens, that I have created an exclusive “skinnymixer’s Paleo Mug Cake” downloadable gift pack to help! In this download pack you will receive:-

  • The mixer recipe for the dry ingredients (including three variants);
  • Print and assembly instructions on how to put your edible gift together;
  • And, easy printable labels which are unisex and non-exclusive to Christmas. They can be used throughout the year, as often as you like, to gift to your loved ones who are on a journey to find health and wellbeing through food.

I have set the minimum price at $2 for those who simply want to create a thoughtful edible Christmas gift; however, there is the option to bump the amount to ‘pay what you want’ at the checkout for those who wish to help contribute towards my cookbook and future skinnymixer ventures.

You can purchase and support me here:



Love Nik x

Please note – while you can purchase from a phone or tablet, you will need access to a computer to download and print the files. 

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