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An ode to SkinnyBarbecue Octopus Tapas Style… by Grant Neal

The Costa Brava was living up to its name – the Rugged Coast! They had been at sea for weeks now and had their sights set firmly on terra firma and the warm embrace of loved ones and as much Rioja 🍷 as they could afford and consume!
But they had one more hurdle, one more requirement to fulfil, one last box to check. Their beautifully coloured jabega boat rocked mercilessly in the shallow waters and multiply rope lines ran from the port and starboard side, tied to men below the surface for safety!
One appears from the depth the water with burst! Air gasping and the salty water running from his long hair and beard as he exclaims “Ellos están aquí! ¡El pulpo!” – “They are here! The Octopus!”
The boat cheers and one by one the Spanish divers appear with the eight legged gold from their shallow rock hides. Homewood bound they discuss the joy at seeing family and red wine again but now they have Octopus Tapas Style on their minds! 🐙 💕🔥💕

Helpful Octopus Preparation Tips:

Cut through the body like a cake to section the tentacles into long individual pieces
  • remove the membrane /peel the skin prior to marinating. It isn’t necessary but helps the marinade penetrate the meat.
  • When sectioning the octopus tentacles, slice through the body like a cake – so they are long individual pieces
  • Using the smaller octopus, you can leave them whole

SMBBQ: Octopus Tapas Style

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Course: Seafood
Prep Time: 3 hours
Cook Time: 1 hour
Servings: 4


  • garlic
  • fresh rosemary
  • raspberry vinegar - or red wine vinegar
  • limes
  • sea salt flakes or kosher salt
  • octopus


  • This recipe is exclusive to the cookbook SkinnyBarbecue
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