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For our annual ‘lets raise some funds so Nik can do something awesome’ campaign, I thought I would create a super yummy, instant healthy hot chocolate mix. This gift set comes with instructions and printable labels, so that you can make up the mix, print out the labels and give a healthy and yummy gift to your loved ones at Christmas time. Just like last years Paleo Mug Cake campaign, we have set the minimum cost at $2, but you are also able to adjust this amount to contribute a bit more if you can. Last year I was able to pay for half of the design fees for my cookbook… this year I am excited to say that I plan to have professional standard nutritional information panels done for every recipe on my blog. I really appreciate any contribution you guys can make, as this helps me to continue to provide advertisement free and sponsorship free recipes. Love Nik xx


Information about the recipe:

  • This recipe is able to be made with a range of sugar.
  • You can use cows milk powder or dairy free coconut milk powder if needed. I use the dairy free coconut milk powder from Grandmas Pantry.
  • Its gluten free.
  • It’s delicious!

Important information about how to download and use the files:

  • When you purchase the gift set, you will receive an email to your paypal email address from sendowl – Check your spam folder if you cant find it.
  • Inside the email you will receive a link to download two PDF files – the instructions and the labels.
  • To open the PDF files on your phone, tablet or desktop you will need PDF viewer software.
  • You can take the labels PDF to Officeworks, Big W or Harvey Norman and get it printed for around 30c on A4 photo card.