Large Red Chillies



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Large Red Chillies

These are the main types of chillies that you will find in Skinnymixers Recipes.

Large Red Chillies (Red Cayenne Peppers)

You will find these red cayenne chillies listed in recipes as large red chillies or long red chillies. They are typically not very hot.

They are readily available at the supermarket near the fresh herb section.

Small Red Chillies (Birdseye Chillies)

Small Red Chillies

Listed in recipes as small red chillies, these are a bit hotter than your large red chillies. If you are a lover of heat, you may wish to change to an even hotter chilli.

These are the chillies recommended for the THMII: Speedy Beef Stirfry, however you can easily change to one large red chilli to turn down the heat.

These are typically found near the fresh herb section of your supermarket.

Dried Chillies (Dried Asian Chillies)

Grandma’s Pantry stock the dried chillies and are included in the Spice Packs.

These are your larger Asian Dried Chillies found at your local Asian or Indian Supermarket. They are have a sweeter, roasted flavour and are not the same as using fresh chillies. Often you soak them when adding them into recipes.

Sometimes they have packets of dried birds eye chillies as well as the larger dried chillies. The smaller birds eye chillies will be hotter.

If you are substituting dried chilli flakes, remember the chilli flakes will be hotter as they include the seeds. Typically when using the dried chillies, you deseed them prior to use.

You won’t find these dried chillies at the supermarket, but will find them easily and quite cheap at your local Asian or Indian Supermarket.

You can purchase these online from Grandma’s Pantry and use the discount code SKMIX for 10% off.

Large Green Chillies

Large Green Chillies

These are the green version of the large red cayenne chillies and can be found at your local supermarket. We use these green chillies in the ‘A Little Taste of India’: Lamb Korma and the Thai Green Chicken Curry Paste.


Jalapeño chilli peppers

In parts of Australia you can purchase fresh Jalapeños for most of the year now. However in other areas it can be quite seasonal. If you see some lovely fresh jalapeños, then grab some to make the amazing ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’ Jalapeno Salsa

You will find the fresh jalapeño peppers near the fresh herb section of the supermarket with the rest of the chillies. Don’t forget these can be used to make some epic Jalapeño Poppers with the ALToM: Chile Con Queso as well.

Specialty Chillies for the Colorado Mole

It is important to use the correct specialty chillies when making the Colorado Mole from ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’. Typically they aren’t hot but there has been known to be some hotter batches come though the suppliers. Make sure you deseed them well if worried about heat.

Dried Ancho Chillies

Dried Ancho Chillies are available from Grandma’s Pantry

When the poblano chili pepper is dried it is called an Ancho chilli. It is a larger, quite mild chilli that we use in the Colorado Mole from ‘A Little Taste of Mexico’. It has a roasted, sweeter flavour than your regular chillies.

You can find these at specialty shops or online from Grandma’s Pantry. You won’t find them in the major supermarkets.

Dried Guajillo Chillies

Guajillo chillies are considered to be a mild to medium heat, widely used in Mexican cuisine.

You can find these at specialty shops or online from Grandma’s Pantry. You won’t find them in the major supermarkets.