Grill Masters at Sean's Kitchen for Tasting Australia

Tasting Australia: The Grill Masters

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What an amazing night we had taking over Sean’s Kitchen in Adelaide for Tasting Australia: The Grill Masters!

Celebrity Chef Sean Connolly and Grant Neal headlined “The Grill Masters”, a sold out BBQ inspired event.
With the help of Sean’s head chef John Rankin and myself we delivered some delicious barbecue fare.
Chef Sean Connolly, Nikalene Riddle & Grant Neal

Fabulous local food was on display from Mayura Station Wagyu, Boston Bay Small Goods Pork & Saskia Beer Farm Produce Chicken.

One of the most exciting parts was seeing recipes from SkinnyBarbecue featuring in a Tasting Australia event & being served at Sean’s Kitchen
How cool is this Skinnies?! Everyone absolutely loved all the food.

It was definitely a pinch me moment! I was so incredibly proud that we got to share some of the SkinnyBarbecue deliciousness as part of Tasting Australia & help celebrate some amazing local produce.

The Grill Masters was a sold out event.

The event was SOLD OUT and once you tasted the food, you definitely knew why! 

Barbecue Parfait featuring the one and only Alabama White Sauce!

You may think that the Barbecue Parfait looks familiar, Grant Neal introduced Skinnymixers to the concept last year. 

Grant was introduced to this amazing concept of a savoury barbecue parfait by Mike ‘the legend’ Mills and his very accomplished daughter Amy Mills.
Genius in its simplicity like many of the best ideas we haven’t yet had but sit back and say ah that makes so much sense. Put simply it’s a bbq meal that went to a party. 
This example constructed with the deft hands of the Pit Princess Nikalene Riddle with our barbecue from the SkinnyBarbecue book is the party you want to attend!
The picture tells the story and the elements that make up the picture are listed here for you to recreate it to chop and change to suit your perfect Barbecue Parfait! 
The Barbecue Platter was the star of the show at Sean’s Kitchen for The Grill Masters

The Barbecue Platter featured the rubs from SkinnyBarbecue plus Carolina Gold Sauce, Alabama White Sauce, Cherry Bourbon Barbecue Sauce and Quick Pickled Vegetables.

Nikalene Riddle kitchen hand extraordinaire

The meal was complete with the most epic Pecan Pie with Whisky Cream for dessert!

Smoked Pecan Pie with Whisky Cream

I’m getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious food… If you decide to cook your own Barbecue feast using SkinnyBarbecue, I’d love to see it in Skinnymixers!

Love Nik xx