Healthy Thermomix Meal Prep – 97 freezable THMVI meals for $2.88 per serve

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Our amazing Brooke is back again with another Thermomix Meal Prep Cook Up, this time it is from The Healthy Mix VI cookbook.

Once again Brooke has gone above and beyond, by providing the Skinnymixers Community with a step-by-step how to meal prep guide of what she did and a printable shopping list spreadsheet.

Thank you Brooke! (please make sure you show your appreciation by sharing it with everyone that you think would benefit) 

Love Nik xx

P.S. If you need a Thermomix Travel Bag – I highly recommend checking out Brooke’s website Whole Home & her fantastic Travel bags for TM31, TM5 or TM6 that she designed.

Now over to Brooke…

You may have seen my earlier blog posts ‘Healthy Thermomix Meal Prep – 75 freezable dinners for $2.80 per serve’ and ‘Healthy Thermomix Meal Prep – 84 freezable THMIV dinners for $2.25 per serve a couple years ago where I did bulk cook up days for my 80 year old grandparents to make mealtimes easier for them.

Well a couple years have past and have been unable to fill the freezer due to restrictions. Nan had a bare freezer again and it was school holidays so it was the perfect opportunity for another bulk cook.

Somehow 2.5 years have passed since the last bulk cook up for my 80+ yo Nan. Now she is loaded up with nutritious meals for quite a while. 

This time THMVI has provided 97 meals for $280 ($2.88 per meal). 6 meal choices with various sides. 

⭐️ Beef Curry

⭐️ Not Butter Chicken 

⭐️ Hodge Podge Brunch 

⭐️ Thai Stir Fry 

⭐️ Meatball Bake

⭐️ Country Chicken & Veg

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We spent $280 on shopping from the butchers, fruit & veg grocer and Woolies for all ingredients except for some Skinnymixers Chicken Stock Concentrate (THM1) and spices (I bagged these up from my house before going on holidays).

This worked out to $2.88 per portion.

I choose the following meals with a couple protein subs to suit Nan’s likes and we added some sides as individual serves ready to go are best for Nan so she can just grab, heat and eat on the fly. We made 6 different dishes with various sides. I have doubled all recipes and bulked out these dishes with additional sides to increase the vegetable intake and stretch them further to save money.

This cook up took around 6 hours including cleaning, serving, labelling and lunch (4.5 hours cooking and 1.5 portioning and serving up). 

Meal Planning

Beef Curry in a Hurry

Beef Curry in a Hurry

Opted to slow cook this recipe and therefore beef curry “not in a hurry” to reduce the cost by using a slow cook cut of beef – gravy beef.

Followed the double and slow cook variation notes in the book and increased the meat to 2kg.

Served individual meals with rice and veg or mash and veg.

Coconut Curried Meatball Dinner

Bulked this meal with some extra rice and spread over 3 dishes in the oven.

Served individual meals topped up with some additional steamed veg.

Not Butter Chicken

Not Butter Chicken

Followed the double and slow cook variation notes in the book and used 2kg chicken thigh.

Served individual meals topped up with some additional veg and rice or veg and mash.

Thai Pork & Lime Stir Fry

I changed the pork to chicken breast for this. Followed the double variation as per the book and bulked with additional stir fry vegetables.

Served individual meals served with noodles. 

Country Chicken & Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie Style

Country Chicken & Vegetables

I made two batches (one in each thermomix) and added some additional veg to each batch.

We split this meal into foil containers (double serves) one batch served on top penne pasta topped with some cheese for a pasta bake version and the other topped with mash. We didn’t bake at so they popped into the oven to finish off and serve with a fresh salad or vegetables.

Hodge Podge Brunch

I doubled this recipe. Ensure you do the meat step in 2 batches and cook in 2 large dishes to ensure even cooking. Portioned up in containers to be served with salad on serving.


  • Rice – cooked in the thermomix, you can also do in a rice cooker or stovetop
  • Penne – cooked on the stovetop
  • Sweet potato mash
  • Rustic Mash
  • Steamed veg (frozen vegetable mix and some excess vegetables from the recipes)
  • Rice noodles


  1. The Healthy Mix 6 cookbook for meal choices.
  2. Prepared a shopping list – you can download mine using the form above.
  3. Prepared all the spices required, fresh batches of stock concentrates and a double batch of Malaysian Style Curry Powder as I was travelling.
  4. Review fridge, pantry and freezer contents.
  5. Ordered online shopping with Woolworths for click and collect the day before and picked up the meat from the local butcher and most vegetables from a local fruit & veg grocer.
  6. Prepared labels (you can hand write too)
  7. Planned the order of what to cook in what thermomix/slow cookers/appliances to best utilise the time

Also don’t forget the freezer space needed to store the meals, so clean out prior to cook up day.

Cooking Day

Get the slow cooker recipes on first then move onto the Thermomix recipes.

Prep as much as you can as most of these recipes are quick cooks, ie. Peel that bag of onions, those couple cloves of garlic at once.

Use all leftover vegies as sides.

Tip – Allow all meals to cool before portioning up. This time I cooled in the fridge overnight and portioned up the next day.

Tip – If you have time I recommend preparing your slow cooker meats & sauces the day before so you just to add to the slow cooker and turn on.


Slow Cooker 1

  • Beef Curry

Slow Cooker 2

  • Not Butter Chicken

Thermomix 1

  • Beef Curry Sauce
  • Boiled Rice & Steamed Vegetables
  • Meatballs for the Coconut Curry recipe
  • Coconut Curry Sauce
  • Country Chicken & Vegetables
  • Rustic Mash
  • Silky Sweet Potato Mash

Thermomix 2

  • Not Butter Chicken Sauce
  • Boiled Rice & Potatoes for mash
  • Thai Stir Fry Cubes (half kept for home)
  • Hodge Podge Brunch
  • Country Chicken & Vegetables
  • Additional Steamed Vegetables (all leftover veg)

Non thermie jobs in between

  • Cut up chicken & beef
  • Prep all vegetables
  • Roll meatballs
  • Cook penne
  • Stir Fry on the stovetop
  • Prepare noodles
  • Dishes
  • Serve up & label

Tips for Freezing

  • Allow meals to cool slightly before serving into dishes.
  • Allow to completely stop steaming before putting on lids.
  • Further cool in the fridge before freezing (day/over night).
  • Use appropriate sized containers so they are full. I bulk bought 500ml containers from ebay.
  • You can use glass or higher quality plastic containers should you wish and the budget allows.

Tips for Reheating

  • Ideally defrost in the fridge first then can microwave heating evenly. Foil tray items defrost then into the oven to reheat/finish off.
  • Yes everything freezes and reheats well.

Other FAQS

Q: Do you have more than 1 thermomix?

  • Yes, I used 2 Thermomixes, 2 slow cookers, stovetop and an electric fry pan. 

Q: Wow must have a huge freezer?

  • No, they stacked really well and only took 4 drawers of space in a side by side french fridge/freezer.

Other resources that you might find helpful for meal planning:

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