Healthy Thermomix Meal Prep – 75 freezable dinners for $2.80 per serve

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Healthy Thermomix Meal Prep Recipes to Freeze

You may have seen a healthy Thermomix Meal Prep post from one of our amazing admins Brooke Williams from Whole Home in Skinnymixers recently. Not only is this meal prep cook up extremely budget friendly, but has plenty of vegetables included.

“The 80yo grandparents have recently moved into a new home so I said keep your freezer free and I’ll come stock it in the school hols. Sent them a list of meals to choose from.
75 portions of food later ready for freezer stash. The grandparents will be set for the month or so.
$210 spent (inc containers) so $2.80 per portion.
#7meals #4sides #5hours #bulkprep

Absolutely incredible, right?

Well Brooke has gone above and beyond, by providing the Skinnymixers Community with a step-by-step how to meal prep guide of what she did and a printable shopping list spreadsheet.

Thank you Brooke! (please make sure you show your appreciation by sharing it with everyone that you think would benefit) 

Love Nik xx

P.S. If you need a Thermomix Travel Bag – I highly recommend checking out Brooke’s website Whole Home & her fantastic Travel bags for TM31 & TM5 that she designed.

Now over to Brooke…

The Bulk Cook Up Day

Whole Home Thermomix Travel Bag for TM5 TM31
The Whole Home Thermomix Travel Bags are great to take to someone’s house to do a joint meal prep day

I recently had a bulk cook up day for my 80 year old grandparents to help make mealtimes easier for them. After 5 hrs, 75 portions of food later ready for the freezer stash, they will be set for the month or so for healthy, nutritious meals.

We spent $210 spent on shopping from the butchers and Woolies (inc containers) for all ingredients except for some Skinnymixers Chicken Stock Concentrate (THM1) and Italian Spice Mix (THM1) as they had just moved into their new house. This worked out to a mere $2.80 per portion.

My 9yo kitchen sidekick and I had combed through Skinnymixers and Thermobextas books and websites to come up with a list of freezer and palate friendly (chilli on the down low) meals for the grandparents to choose from.

*** I’ve included this list at the end of the article for you.***

They chose the following meals and we added some sides as Nan wanted some individual serves ready to go.

Meal Planning

Main Meal Thermomix Recipes

Chicken Stroganoff

I like to make Chicken Stroganoff using the Beef Stroganoff recipe from The Healthy Mix II.
I did a single batch but it is a very saucy meal which you can easily pan fry the chicken then combine with the sauce to bulk it out. Served up with cauli mash & veg.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Meal Prep
I like to double batch the Butter Chicken Sauce, split into 4 portions & freeze. Cook each jar with 1kg chicken on the stovetop.

Using the Skinnymixer’s Butter Chicken recipe, I doubled the marinade and chicken and pan fried this. We omitted the nuts and used coconut cream. Made the sauce and poured this into the pan for the bulked up meat. You can also safely double the sauce for 4 times meat and marinate if you really want to bulk it. We served the butter chicken up with rice and steamed vegetables.

Savoury Mince 

The savoury mince recipe from The Healthy Mix III is a great recipe for meal prepping, as it makes a large amount of food and incorporates meat and vegetables.

Italian Meatballs 

To free up the thermomix we rolled the Italian Meatballs from The Healthy Mix and put into an oven dish, then poured over the sauce and topped with cheese. Served with some penne.

Rustic Shepherd’s Pie with Silky Sweet Potato Mash

Shepherds Pie Thermomix Recipe
skinnymixer’s Rustic Shepherds Pie

We split this meal into 3 foil containers (double serves). We didn’t bake them, as they will be placed in the oven to reheat. Serve with a fresh salad or vegetables.

Zucchini Slice

We chose the meaty option (added bacon) to this recipe. We portioned it up in double serves and will make a quick light meal with a side salad.

Vegetable lasagne with added roasted pumpkin layer

First we roasted up a butternut pumpkin to further bulk up the recipe. Using fresh lasagne sheets (versus dry) it is much easier to work with. We made 3 foil container (double serves) unbaked ready to be popped into the oven to finish off and a larger cooked lasagne which will just need to be reheated. For a meaty lasagne you can use the Family Chunky Bolognese with hidden vegetables.


Skinnymixers Healthy Mix Collection
You can purchase this cookbook collection in the Skinnymixers Shop & receive eBooks to start cooking immediately
  • Rice – cooked on the stovetop
  • Penne – cooked on the stovetop
  • Cauliflower & leek mash 
  • Steamed veg – cooked in the varoma on top of the cauli mash

What you will need


I like to involve the kids in meal planning & love my Daily Orders Board!
  1. Brainstorm / look through cookbooks or the list of meal prep recipes provided below.
  2. Narrowed down to 6 (but then I overbought mince so added the Shepherd’s Pie to the list)
  3. Prepared a shopping list you can download mine here.
  4. Reviewed fridge, pantry and freezer contents.
  5. Ordered online shopping with Woolworths being delivered the day before and picked up the meat from the local butcher.
  6. Planned the order of what to cook in what thermomix/appliance to best utilise the time
  7. Also don’t forget to check the freezer space needed to store the meals.

Shopping List

Download your printable Shopping List spreadsheet when you subscribe to our Skinnymixers Mailing List – click here or the image below.

Meal Prep Shopping List


Healthy Meal Prep Guide for the ThermomixThermomix 1 (TM5)

  • Butter Chicken Marinade then sauce and then move to pan to fry chicken and combine with sauce
  • Vegetable lasagne cheese topping and sauce
  • Chicken stroganoff
  • Cauli mash with steamed veg on top (using up any leftover vegetables from other dishes)

Thermomix 2 (TM31)

  • Zucchini slice, oven bake
  • Meatballs, then move to oven to bake with balls
  • Rustic Shepherd’s Pie
  • Sweet Potato Mash
  • Savoury Mince

Non-Thermomix jobs in between

  • Cut up chicken
  • Cut & roast pumpkin
  • Roll meatballs
  • Prep vegetables
  • Cook penne
  • Cook rice
  • Assemble lasagne and bake large lasagne
  • Dishes
  • Serve up & label

Some questions from the Skinnymixers Community

Q: May I ask how long it took you ‘in total’ to prepare and cook all of these meals?
  • All up this took just under 5 hours including a quick lunch, serving up and clean up.
Q: Cooling?
  • I allowed the food to stop steaming before dishing up
Q: Container storage?
  • In my own home I’d use glass containers in larger amounts (4 serves) for my family. If I was to cook again or regularly I’d use some better quality plastic containers instead.
Q: Did you use pumpkin instead of lasagne sheets or you used both?
  • I used both to pad it out but if you need to be grain free I’d use some grilled zucchini and/or eggplant layers.
Q: Do you have more than 1 thermomix?
  • Yes, I used 2 Thermomixes with 2 jugs each. You could empty a jug into a container and continue on, 2 jugs each wasn’t a must but a luxury.
Q: Can I be your grandparent/can you adopt me?
  • Sure if you are in Melbourne lol.
Q: Wow must have a huge freezer?
  • No, they stacked really well and only took 3 drawers of space in a side by side french fridge/freezer.

Other Meal Ideas to Cook Up 

Here is a bit of a list Kaylee (my 9yo helper) and I have compiled that are good to freeze and yummy.

Chicken Thermomix Recipes

Beef Thermomix Recipes

Vegetarian Thermomix Recipes

Pork Thermomix Recipes

Lamb Thermomix Recipes

Thermomix Side Dishes

Soup Thermomix Recipes

Other resources that you might find helpful for meal planning: