What to make with… Brisket leftovers!

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Thanks to the one and only Wolf Creek of The Smoking Joint for schooling me in offset smoking.

We rubbed this beautiful 8-9mb Wagyu Brisket from Westholme with M.O.B beef rub by The Home of Low and Slow!

Smoked it with ironbark & cherry wood from Natural Smoke BBQ Woods in the Rustic Soul then served with the delicious dick bun 🤣 a whole community contributed to this cook as you can see!

First up for the Brisket leftovers

I chopped some of the insanely delicious Wagyu Beef Brisket leftovers and made my Chilli Con Carne recipe from the cookbook A Little Taste of Mexico.

Now my Chilli Con Carne recipe is for the Thermomix, however I ended up cooking this stovetop with half a can of Guinness.

The finished results was the most amazing Chilli Con Carne I have ever tasted!

Brisket Chilli Con Carne Thermomix
I had left over brisket from mine and @thesmokingjoint brisket cook – so I thought I’d do a spin on my Chilli Con Carne with left over smoked @westholme brisket… I also added half a can of @guinness 🤭 this is hands down the best Chilli Con Carne I have ever made 🤭

Now onto the Pies !

I think turning your leftovers into pies is one of the most versatile options. First up I made a Chilli Con Carne Pie with pickled Jalapeños, but honestly you could use any of my pie filling recipes to create a sauce/ flavour base.

And when you have tonnes of Smoked Brisket Chilli Con Carne… you make pies with pickled jalapeño 🤤 @westholme wagyu brisket cooked with @thesmokingjoint

Then I made the ULTIMATE Chubbymixers Pie using Chilli Con Carne and my famous Macaroni Cheese with a Twist.

And if you still have enough Smoked @westholme brisket left over that you could feed a small army… you make your famous Mac & Cheese with a Twist and put that in to a pie with the left over Chilli Con Carne 🤤🤤🤤🤤@thesmokingjoint is to blame for any weight I gain this week.

Chile Con Queso + Brisket

With so much meat leftover I thought I had better give the latest Smoked Chile Con Queso trend a go on my Traeger Timberline 850.

Using my Chile Con Queso recipe from my cookbook A Little Taste of Mexico, I popped the ingredients into my cast iron dish with some chopped brisket leftovers. Then into the Traeger Timberline 850 until the cheese melted and combined when stirred.

It is super important to watch this dish, to avoid the cheese splitting. Let’s just say the end result was amazing but definitely NOT Skinny.

How can all of that cheese, brisket & spices not be delicious?!?
And when you still have tonnes of beautiful smoked @westholme brisket left over you make Smoked Chile Con Queso on your @traegergrills Timberline 850 ! Ummm adding the brisket took my already amazing Chile Con Queso to a whole other level. @thesmokingjoint

Still have Beef Brisket Leftovers ?

These are some of my Thermomix recipes that lend themselves to the addition of BBQ Beef Brisket leftovers.