Creamy Butter Mushrooms Thermomix Recipe
Creamy Butter Mushrooms

What to make with… Mushrooms!

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I bet you never would’ve thought I would write a full Thermomix blog post about Mushrooms… but apparently some people find them delicious (strange I know!). Hi it’s Sian here! I thought if I could compile some of top Skinnymixers mushroom Thermomix recipes into a blog post, then it might mean less mushroom related questions in the Skinnymixers Facebook Group! Plus a certain red headed someone absolutely LOVES mushrooms & needs a little cheering up.

Beef Stroganoff

Example of how thin to slice your meat

This 30 minute dinner was the People’s Choice recipe for The Healthy Mix II Cookbook and is extremely popular with the Skinnymixers Community. This Beef Stroganoff recipe uses Swiss Brown mushrooms and a good quality steak cooked quickly. For maximum tenderness make sure that you use a good quality steak like porterhouse or scotch fillet and slice it very thinly. This is how thinly Nik slices her beef for this recipe > ‘How to Thinly Slice Meat’.

This recipe is only available in The Healthy Mix II. You can buy the book + e-Book in the Skinnymixers Shop or the e-Book in Apple books.

Full disclosureI have only been made to try this recipe once and I found it very mushroomy, see for yourself as it was live

Creamy Butter Mushrooms

Creamy Butter Mushrooms

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this 20 minute recipe, but haven’t quite got around to trying it yet…

These Creamy Butter Mushrooms have been enjoyed by Skinnies on toast, as part of their big breakfast and even served with chicken, steak or even venison. Nik recommends using Swiss Brown Mushrooms but you can use any exotic fungi.

This is a FREE Recipe on skinnymixers.com that you can find here.

Mushroom Gravy

Mushroom Gravy

If you are a mushroom lover, then you might be partial to a bit of Mushroom Gravy on your steak, paleo rissoles or even your chips.

This Thermomix Mushroom Gravy can be served chunky or blitzed to serve smooth.

This FREE Recipe can be found here.

All-in-One Beef Dinner

All in One Beef Dinner

Originally this recipe was going to be the All-in-One Mushroom Dinner… with porcini powder AND portobello mushrooms there is certainly a whole lot of mushroom going on.

With comments like… “I made this for our anniversary and with hubby not being huge on mushrooms I was a bit worried. Well, he loved it!! It was so delicious. Thank you Nik xo”  even the anti-mushroom cook might be tempted to make this 2 course all-in-one dinner.

This FREE Recipe is available here.

Mushroom Pâté

Mushroom pâté

This recipe is suitable for different dietary requirements; vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free but should be avoided if you are allergic to mushrooms.

Using Swiss Brown mushrooms, Portobello mushrooms, dried porcini mushrooms… there is definitely a full bodied mushroom umami flavour in this pâté.

This FREE Recipe is available here.

Creamy Marsala Chicken

Creamy Marsala Chicken Skinnymixers
Creamy Marsala Chicken

I absolutely love this delicious quick mid-week dinner from the cookbook ‘A Little Taste of Italy’ (I’ve never had enough mushrooms, so you can substitute in this recipe).

I have a feeling that Nik loves Swiss Brown Mushrooms, as you guessed it… this dish uses them.

This recipe is exclusively available in ‘A Little Taste of Italy’ available from the Skinnymixers Shop or Apple Books.

Porcini Salt

Porcini Salt

Do you ever wish that something could taste even more mushroomy? Well you need to try this Porcini Salt.

I’m told it can make fairly tasteless button mushrooms taste amazing?!?

This free Thermomix recipe is great for gift hampers or a nice little gift for yourself – available on the website here.

Savoury Mince

Savoury Mince

According to my website search there are mushrooms in the Savoury Mince from The Healthy Mix III.

I don’t recall ever adding them when I’ve made it, but Nik likes to sneak them in.

This recipe is exclusive to The Healthy Mix III – available in the Skinnymixers Shop or Apple Books.

Creamy Chicken Pie Filling

Creamy Chicken Pie

I absolutely love this Creamy Chicken Pie Filling from The Healthy Mix III.

The recipe calls for Button Mushrooms, but if you have run out I often find bacon a good substitute in this recipe.

This recipe is exclusive to The Healthy Mix III – available in the Skinnymixers Shop or Apple Books.

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon

This hearty winter warmer is one of my favourite mushroom Thermomix recipes, if you haven’t tried it you absolutely need to make it asap.

The mushrooms used are also Button Mushrooms (translation: bacon).

A FREE Recipe available on Skinnymixers.com right here.

Riso Al Forno

Baked Risotto delicious with Bacon & Pumpkin or you can add mushrooms.

I had legitimately forgotten that there are mushrooms in the Baked Risotto from A Little Taste of Italy!

One of my favourite dinners, if you haven’t tried this dish (with or without mushrooms) it is a winner with the whole family.

This recipe is exclusively available in ‘A Little Taste of Italy’ available from the Skinnymixers Shop or Apple Books.

Gyoza Meatballs & Dipping Sauce

Gyoza Meatballs

Ok, this is my kind of mushroom recipe. I love these tasty little Gyoza Meatballs.

The dried shiitake mushrooms are blitzed and help add a little umami to the recipe… it does not in anyway actually taste like mushrooms 😀

This recipe is exclusive to A Little Taste of Asia – available in the Skinnymixers Shop.

San Choy Bau

thermomix san choy bau
San Choy Bao

Another fantastic use of dried shiitake mushrooms is the San Choy Bau from The Healthy Mix.

A super tasty, light Summer meal that is cheap and delicious. But please remember to take out the moisture sachet from the mushrooms before blitzing!

This recipe is exclusive to The Healthy Mix I – available in the Skinnymixers Shop or Apple Books.

Other Recipes for Mushroom Lovers

I hope you have found this very mushroomy article to be useful! I’m definitely ready for a Gin after a mushroom filled day…