SkinnyBarbecue Ultimate Leftover Ideas

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Hi Skinnies,

Sian here. We’ve seen some epic leftovers ideas from the Skinnymixers Community absolutely loving the new cookbook SkinnyBarbecue

I thought it would be a great idea to collect all of the ideas in this guide for some SkinnyBarbecue inspiration… enjoy!!


I think pizza is one of the easiest ways of using up leftovers (that is loved by everyone). Nikalene made an epic pizza with her son Patrick and as you can see the results below are mouthwatering…

We talk lots about how SkinnyBarbecue is geared towards left overs and using the delicious rubs & sauces to make meals… this epic pizza ticks all of the boxes.

SMBBQ BBQ Chicken + Pickled Pineapple Pizza!
Pickled pineapple on pizza is a GAME CHANGER.
SMBBQ Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce base + left over BBQ Chicken Thighs that Grant cooked yesterday + Pickled Pineapple (and red onion + jalapenos + mozarella) All topped off with a few lashings of Alabama White Sauce.
Recipes featured in SkinnyBarbecue.


Jo Stacey’s Frittata made with leftover Balsamic Roasted Vegetable Salad.
Perhaps one of the healthier options, using leftover vegetables and cooked meat in a frittata is a great way to meal prep and also makes a delicious brunch/lunch or light dinner.
Try making a frittata next time you have any of these recipes leftover. 


Thought I would share this meal inspiration from one of our development lunches with left overs… lamb baachos!

Grant Neal, Mez Nelson & Nik polished it off in record time! 🤩

Left over Pulled Lamb Shoulder + Monterey Jack Cheese pan fried with a generous dollop of Alabama White Sauce from SkinnyBarbecue! Featuring THMV Pico de Gallo  &  Jalapeño salsa from ALToM!

Eaten with a fork for the perfect LCHF meal!


How amazing does Nikalene & Grant’s Bulgogi Beef Cheeks Pie look!
‘Bulgogi Beef Cheek Pie 🥧 I would say that this was a 100% success out the park!
Pull left over Bulgogi Beef Cheeks from SkinnyBarbecue & reduce the braising liquid in a pan…
Pop it in a pie dish and top with either puff pastry or cauliflower & parsnip purée (THMV) for a low carb variation and bake as per needed!
Serve with the Sweet & Spicy Korean Sauce!’

Another standout way of using leftover Bulgogi Beef Cheeks from Kerry Ferguson was in Spring Rolls. Melissa Belshaw used beef cheeks thinly sliced with a bad of stir fry veggies, noodles and Sweet & Spicy Korean Sauce in a quick stir fry.


Mez’s Sandwiches were always a hit on filming days!
Skinnies, Nik’s assistant Mez here.
If you haven’t already discovered SkinnyBarbecue makes THE BEST sandwiches !
Here are some of the combinations that I made up for the team during our filming days as the days are long and we get hangry & honestly they were INHALED so quickly.
I’m sure Nik & Grant will share their favourite….I couldn’t decide as they were all so good 😋
Hopefully these give you some inspiration with your #SMBBQ leftovers!

Fusion – Add to your fave recipes!

Pulled Lamb Greek Platter
Have a look at Nikalene Massive Greek Lamb Platter!

About last night… I was so nervous to do the Pulled Lamb Shoulder and serve it to Grant Neal… I imagine it would be like someone cooking my butter chicken and serving it to me!

I have made the lamb totally solo 3 times now, and every single time I have improved – little things like confidence to check the temperature of the lamb in the different muscles and working ultra quick at the mid point where you begin to braise it so that the meat doesn’t cool down at all have made such a difference!
I was sooo incredibly proud of how well it turned out last night and I have been smiling ever since!
We served it with Spanakorizo (Greek rice), Kolokithokeftedes (zucchini & feta fritters), Tzatziki (garlic sauce) from ALToG and Greek Salad from the blog.

What an incredible meal – this platter was HUGE by the way – it took up 1/3 of my table! We fed 8 hungry people, most had double serves and there were left overs for lunch.

Pulled Lamb Shoulder found in SkinnyBarbecue: shop.skinnymixers.com

Breakfast Eggs

After experimenting with making the SMBBQ: Cornbread as a sandwich loaf, Nik toasted it and topped it with some scrambled eggs & SMBBQ: Salsa Verde.

Fried Rice

Is there anything easier than throwing some leftover Bulgogi Beef Cheeks, BBQ Chicken Thighs or Pork Belly Burnt Ends into a fried rice. Add the SMBBQ Sweet & Spicy Korean Sauce and it is a match made in heaven.

Grant whipped up this epic fried rice with some leftover meats, vege and the Sweet & Spicy Korean Sauce from SkinnyBarbecue

Pasta Bake

Whether you are repurposing the Easy Mac & Cheese in a loaded pasta bake or adding some of the meats from SkinnyBarbecue into a pasta dish or pasta bake – you know it is going to be delicious!
Bek Clarke made Tuscan Pasta Bake with leftover perfect chicken



There are so many possibilities when you take a wrap, add your fillings of choice, fold it over in half and toast it in a sandwich press. The Perfect Chicken Breast, Quick Pickled Pineapple and Onion and Southwest Sauce is a delicious combination.
How good does Kerry’s Mojo Pork Quesadilla look?  Mojo Pulled Pork, Chile Con Queso, Guacamole and Sour Cream

Jacket Potatoes or Sweet Potatoes

A great way to bulk up a small amount of leftovers is to use them as filling in a jacket potato.

Honey Carolina Gold glaze over slaw n jacket potato


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