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Thermomix Recipes with Mince

Hi it’s Sian here!

We’ve had a few people asking about everyone’s favourite Thermomix Recipes with Mince lately. I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to compile all the mince recipes in an easy to access recipe guide, as mince can be used for so much more than Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese. Please feel free to comment with your favourite mince recipes.

Beef Mince Recipes

‘A Little Taste of Mexico’: Chilli Con Carne

SM Chilli Con Carne with 1kg of mince

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken mince

This recipe uses diced gravy beef in the book, but for the times when you have some budget mince to use and crave some epic Mexican… mince is perfectly acceptable.

Cook the mince in the simmering basket for 20 minutes at a time (2 x 500g Beef mince for 20 mins each in the basket), like the Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese recipe. The mince replaces the gravy beef and can be mixed at the end sp 3/reverse to remove some of the chunks.

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Guest Recipe: Kerry’s Low Carb Mexican Meatballs

Thermomix Low Carb Mexican Meatballs
Kerry’s Low Carb Mexican Meatballs

Mince type: beef

Also works with: beef, chicken, turkey

These low carb meatballs definitely pack a punch with flavour and can be quite spicy. Be careful with the chipotle in adobo sauce when cooking for children or people who can’t tolerate spicy foods.

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Skinnymixer’s All-in-One Beef Dinner

Skinnymixer’s All-in-One Beef Dinner

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken, pork

This all-in-one dinner makes a mushroom soup and then converts a portion of that into a sauce for your meatballs.

Perfect for mushroom lovers.

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Skinnymixer’s American Burger Patties

Healthy Thermomix Recipes Burger Patties
skinnymixer’s American Burger Patties

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken, pork, lamb, turkey

These burger patties are so tasty, it is hard to believe how little ingredients this recipe has. I like to keep some of these uncooked in the freezer, ready to grab for an easy breakfast/lunch.

These also make tasty meatballs to serve at your next party with BBQ sauce or freeze for your lunchbox #freezerstash.

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Skinnymixer’s Aussie Meat Pie Filling

Skinnymixer’s Meat Pie Filling

Mince type: beef

Also works with: lamb

The great Skinnymixer’s Aussie Meat Pie craze of 2018. The reason that Pie Makers were sold out around Australia. This is such a tasty, simple pie filling that you can adapt to your own flavour combinations and dietary restrictions.

This recipe is quite easy to sneak in some hidden vegetables too.

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Skinnymixer’s Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Smokey BBQ Sauce

skinnymixer's Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Smokey BBQ Sauce
skinnymixer’s Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf with Smokey BBQ Sauce

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken & pork

This is an oldie but a goodie. Worth that little bit of extra effort to make a meatloaf with hidden vegetables.

But make sure you hide the leftovers as a big slice on a sandwich is pure heaven.

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Skinnymixer’s Chunky Bolognese

skinnymixers Chunky Bolognese

Mince type: beef

Also works with: pork, veal, chicken

If you are going to make Spaghetti Bolognese in the Thermomix, you must try this recipe. This recipe is a must try, especially if you haven’t liked the fine texture of other Thermomix Bolognese recipes. This recipe is simple, tasty and can easily hide some vegetables in the sauce if needed.

This recipe will become a staple weeknight recipe in your household.

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Skinnymixer’s Lunchbox Meatballs

skinnymixer’s Lunchbox Meatballs

Mince type: beef

Also works with: pork, veal, chicken, lamb

These green (hulk) meatballs are fantastic to keep in your #freezerstash for school lunchboxes, or even for after school snacks. If you are looking to add some extra kale or baby spinach to your diet, then this recipe is perfect.

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Skinnymixer’s Meatza

skinnymixer's Meatza Slice
skinnymixer’s Meatza Slice

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken, pork or lamb

The ultimate grain free, low carb healthy fat fakeaway food.

Add your favourite pizza toppings on your meaty base – personally I like roasted pumpkin, zucchini, capsicum, chilli, onion, garlic and cheese. Go the extra mile and make a batch of Skinnymixer’s Pizza Sauce for the freezer too.

Tip: Just remember the fattier the mince, the more shrinkage you will see with your Meatza base.

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Skinnymixer’s Paleo Rissoles

SM Paleo Rissoles

Mince type: beef

Also works with: lamb & veal

Dress these tasty rissoles up with some of the Coconut Garlic Dukkah or simply roll in some breadcrumbs/almond meal.

Sneak some extra vegetables into the family with these hearty rissoles. I often rotate between these and the Lunchbox Meatballs for the kid’s Lunchbox Freezer Stash.

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‘The Healthy Mix’ Italian Meatballs

Thermomix Italian Meatballs
Italian Meatballs

Mince type: beef

Also works with: pork, chicken and veal

These meatballs can be on the table within 30 minutes with the help from the Italian Spice Mix from ‘The Healthy Mix’. Serve with zoodles, pasta or even steamed vegetables and silky sweet potato mash.

Feel like mixing it up? Try using the other spice mixes to make Greek or Mexican Meatballs.

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‘The Healthy Mix’ Mexican Frittata with Salsa

Mexican Frittata with Salsa

Mince type: beef

Also works with: chicken & pork

Looking for a light dinner, lunch or maybe brunch? This tasty protein packed frittata will help you feel fuller for longer.

I also happen to top this with cheese and grill for a touch of #Chubbymixers

Don’t worry about all that coriander in the photo, you can quite easily make this meal coriander free if needed.

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‘The Healthy Mix II’ Family Chunky Bolognese with Hidden Vegetables

Thermomix Family Hidden Vegetable Bolognese
Thermomix Family Chunky Bolognese with Hidden Vegetables

Mince type: beef

Also works with: veal, lamb & chicken

If you have a few mouths to feed or simply want to cook a large batch of bolognese to freeze for instant dinners. This family bolognese uses 1kg of mince to feed a crowd.

I live to use half a batch for dinner and then the other half to make a Healthy Hidden Vegetable Lasagne using the Healthy Carbonara Sauce.

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Pork Mince Recipes

Gyoza Meatballs are exclusive to ‘A Little Taste of Asia’

‘A Little Taste of Asia’: Gyoza Meatballs & Dipping Sauce

Mince type: pork

Also works with:  beef & chicken

These tasty little morsels can be used as a snack, entree or paired with some stir-fried vege, rice or noodles to make a complete meal. There is also a seafood free variation in the cookbook.

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‘A Little Taste of Spain’: Chorizo & Potato Stew

This recipe is exclusive to ‘A Little Taste of Spain’

Mince type: pork

Also works with: beef & chicken

This comforting stew found in the cookbook, ‘A Little Taste of Spain’ is pulled together with some basic pantry staples.

Remember if you are changing the mince type to watch the cook times. Pork and beef mince will be a bit fattier than chicken mince, so watch that any lean mince doesn’t dry out. This meal is great for bulking up with vegetables in the varoma, just make sure you cut the vegetables small and check that they are cooked.

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Skinnymixer’s Baked Spanish Eggs

Skinnymixer’s Spanish Baked Eggs

Mince type: pork

Also works with: beef & chicken

The perfect weekend breakfast, that you can easily increase to feed a crowd. This recipe uses the homemade chorizo meatball mix found in ‘The Healthy Mix II’ & ‘A Little Taste of Spain’. If you don’t have access to these books you can use store bought chorizo.

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‘The Healthy Mix’ San Choy Bao

thermomix san choy bau
Thermomix San Choy Bao

Mince type: pork

Also works with: chicken, beef and turkey

Dinner on the table within 20 minutes is often unheard of, but this simple flavour packed dinner will have you going back for seconds. If you need to increase the quantities to feed a couple more mouths, I recommend moving it to the stovetop.

Make sure you add your own condiments and add-ons to your own San Choy Bao. Chilli and fresh coriander is a must for me.

If you don’t love the taste of mushrooms, I cook this to the recipe and it hasn’t had a mushroom taste yet. Just remember to remove the moisture absorbing sachet before blitzing your shitake mushrooms.

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‘The Healthy Mix II’ Breakfast Sausage Patties

Skinnymixers Breakfast Sausage patties

Mince type: beef & pork

Also works with: chicken

I LOVE these Breakfast Sausage Patties. That pepper hit, really takes these to the next level.

So if you are craving a certain Egg & Sausage McMuffin… add these to your meal plan asap!

I like to have mine with egg and cheese on a Low Carb Burger Bun.

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‘The Healthy Mix II’ Chorizo Meatballs with Homemade Chorizo

Chorizo Meatballs with homemade chorizo

Mince type: pork

Also works with: chicken & beef

This is an amazing, full flavour and fast weeknight recipe. I serve these with silky sweet potato mash one night and then with zoodles the next night. Also great on homemade Subs and pizza.

P.S. A homemade Chorizo Meatza is out of this world delicious.

You can use the homemade chorizo recipe in these Baked Spanish Eggs.

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Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll Filling

Skinnymixers Sausage Rolls Thermomix
Skinnymixers Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls

Mince Type: Pork

These Pork & Fennel Sausage Rolls will be popular with adults & children.

With the added bonus of hidden vegetables, these are a healthier option to your traditional sausage roll.

These are great for lunchboxes and can be made into meatballs or rissoles.

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Chicken Mince Recipes

‘The Healthy Mix’ Chicken Teriyaki Burger Patties

Thermomix Chicken Teriyaki Burger
Chicken Teriyaki Burger Patties

Mince Type: chicken

Also works with: beef & pork

This will be one of the fastest recipes you have ever cooked.

Pair it with a simple green salad, quick stir-fry or on a burger for a super quick and tasty meal.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a coriander lover, it uses a very small amount and can be easily left out of the recipe.

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The Healthy Mix IV Mexican Chicken Meatballs

Mexican Chicken Meatballs Chunky Salsa Thermomix
Mexican Chicken Meatballs

The Mexican Chicken Meatballs with chunky salsa from The Healthy Mix IV are awesome to use in wraps for dinner and then popping the leftovers into lunchboxes the next couple of days.

Gluten free, dairy free and extremely low in carbs.

You can use the frypan or air fryer to cook the meatballs while the salsa cooks in the Thermomix.

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Lamb Mince Recipes

Skinnymixer’s Rustic Shepherd’s Pie

skinnymixer’s Rustic Shepherd’s Pie

Mince type: lamb

Also works with: beef

The ultimate comfort food. This much loved family favourite with have bowls licked clean.

I like to add whatever vege needs using from the fridge and top with cheese for a little bit of #chubbymixers.

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‘The Healthy Mix II’ Lamb & Feta Meatballs with Tzatziki

Thermomix Greek Meatballs
Lamb & feta meatballs

Mince type: lamb

Also works with: beef & chicken

This is Nik’s favourite recipe from ‘The Healthy Mix II’ (well this week anyway!) and for good reason. So much flavour is packed into those little meatballs and combined with the tzatziki, it is truly a party in your mouth.

I like to use these for lunchboxes and the ever popular with fussy kids ‘make-your-own wraps’ dinner. These meatballs can be pan-fried, oven baked, grilled on the BBQ or even the airfryer.

This recipe is only available in ‘The Healthy Mix II’.

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ALToG: Pastitsio (pasta bake)

Pastitsio Skinnymixers Greek
Pastitsio from A Little Taste of Greece

The Pastitsio from A Little Taste of Greece is beautiful with lamb mince, but can also be made with beef mince.

There are is a slow cooker variation for the meat sauce recipe if you are time poor in the evenings and would prefer to pop the sauce in the slow cooker all day.

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ALToG: Moussaka (eggplant bake)

Moussaka Eggplant Bake Skinnymixers Thermomix
Moussaka Eggplant Bake

The Moussaka from A Little Taste of Greece is definitely a family favourite. 

The best part about the Moussaka and the Pastitsio, is that you can use half the meat sauce to make Moussaka and half the meat sauce to make Pastitsio. Double your béchamel and you have two meals prepped with minimal extra effort!

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