All in One Sausage Thermomix Recipe
All in One Sausage Dinner

Thermomix Recipes for Toddlers: Surviving a Fussy Eater

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Thermomix Recipes for Toddlers

Thermomix Recipes for Toddlers. This blog post is purely based on my own personal experience of surviving the last 6 years with a fussy eater aka the Turdler. I thought I’d share my tips and tricks that I have used to remain sane (ish) and some of the favourite Thermomix recipes for Toddlers (or older) from our community that have conquered fussy eating children and of course some compulsory fails. The term ‘turdler’ is used out of a place of affection and sometimes you just need to vent/laugh about your battles with a stubborn, fussy toddler… in a safe place surrounded my other parents facing the same battles.

The Beginnings of ‘I don’t like that!’

The motivation to find the best Thermomix recipes for Toddlers
Back when my little man couldn’t say ‘I don’t like that!’

Looking back I have tried to pinpoint where the fussiness began, when I first heard “I don’t like that”.

I remember the days of finishing work at the office at 6pm and rushing home to pick up the toddler from day care to put him through his meal and bath time routine. With two full-time working parents in the household you revert to whatever is easiest for the toddler to feed themselves and the dinners that receive the least amount of resistance. Everyone is tired by 6:40pm and I found myself giving in to the toddler demands… Sausages with tomato sauce, avocado and a boiled egg WITHOUT any trace of egg yolk. Sound familiar? 

A Mum on a Mission

5 years ago this TM5 arriving changed my life and my family’s eating habits.

Weekends I would be trying everything to try to get the turdler to eat different things… so much money and food wasted. His mouth would clamp shut, unless of course it was a treat from nanny. I spent countless hours looking into different allergies, intolerances and sensory issues… thinking something was wrong as he struggled with formula when he was a baby and being constantly sick from day care. It was actually this research that I first discovered what a Thermomix was and that I HAD to have one – the only problem was I was told I wasn’t allowed one.

For 12 months I used a high-speed blender for every possible thing I could to prove that I would use a Thermomix – justified by the single fact that it would help sneak more vegetables into the Turdlers diet. I would make big batches of Spaghetti Bolognese with vegetables blitzed through and portion in the freezer – basically the only dinner he would eat consistently without complaint other than sausages, avocado and egg white. Eventually I was given the green light to get a Thermomix for my 30th Birthday (it was a big investment for new home owners). Hurray! I could finally make all these amazing recipes I had been lusting after and of course found my way to Skinnymixers.

Looking back I feel like it was those early days of survival, giving in to the very tired toddler with a repetitive dinner routine that led to setting the scene for the fussy eater. The second time around I was committed to making sure a wide range of tastes and textures were experienced – this was my Foodie Baby who is now 3 years old and can handle more chilli than her brother.

“I Don’t Like That.”

Butter Chicken is a popular Thermomix Recipe for Toddlers
It took time for the Turdler to get used to the spices and ACV

By the time I got my Thermomix I had a Turdler on my hands, we even had to eat our Butter Chicken on the other side of the house as it “hurt his nose to smell it”.

I spent hours searching for the perfect Thermomix recipes for toddlers, that were nutritious, delicious and that I could cook after a busy day at work or batch cook on the weekend. I started making everything from scratch and spent way too many weekends in the kitchen making food that would ultimately end up in the bin.

Something I discovered was that I had more success with recipes from Skinnymixers than I ever did with the Recipe Community or other cookbooks. So I started using the recipe index https://skinnymixers.com.au/index/  as my menu planning guide and never looked back.

The Most Recommended Thermomix Recipe for Toddlers

I had such high hopes for the Thermomix Macaroni Cheese with a Twist, so many other parents had success with their fussy eaters. Being full of hidden vegetables, freezer friendly and the recipe making sooo much food… I was excited to add it to our meal rotation. He hated it. I think I got him to eat two mouthfuls, before I was left eating Macaroni Cheese for a week. In hindsight I should’ve known better as he didn’t like cheese (I know, I know… what kid doesn’t like cheese?!?). My advice to make sure you get the best results for this recipe…

  1. Make sure you chop your vegetables small and check that they are fully cooked before blending. If they are slightly firm you will pick up the texture of them in the sauce.
  2. The cheese used makes up the flavour, so make sure you use a mild flavoured cheese or your child’s favourite.
  3. If you are dairy free – use this recipe instead: skinnymixer’s Dairy-Free Cheesy Spelt Pasta
  4. If you want to make an adult version adding crispy chorizo and wholegrain mustard is delicious.

Dinner Marketing 101

Look at all that seaweed in the soup 😉

Spending so much time in the Skinnymixers Community I noticed it wasn’t just great recipes, but also a wealth of knowledge from so many mums who have been through the battles before and even won the wars.

Surely after 4 years of doing marketing at university I could persuade a 2.5 year old to eat delicious healthy food?!? I started having successes using some Jedi-mum techniques as the kid got older.

Change recipe names to be fun or include their favourite TV Shows/fictional characters

Never use the word Curry

The cutest Turdler and Foodie Baby in the world… ok I’m a little bias.

IF I wanted to try and run the gauntlet of having a mild curry for dinner (there are only so many nights of spaghetti a mum can take!).

I learnt quickly to NEVER EVER say the word CURRY or anything spicy related. Always simplify the name and make it sound really mild like Creamy Chicken and Rice.

Butter Chicken became Creamy Tomato Chicken, Coconut Curried Sausages became Creamy Sausages and I think you get the picture…

I always make it on the mild side, as I can add chilli on top but I definitely don’t feel like making a second dinner after the first one is rejected due to fire in their mouth.

Getting the kids involved in the kitchen and interested in cooking

Make your own wraps night

I found if I needed to try a new recipe, getting the kid actively involved in making dinner could help reduce the friction in them trying new things. I also tell them that they need to have 3 mouthfuls before declaring they ‘don’t like it’. Also one of the favourite dinners in our household is ‘Make your own wraps’ night – putting a big plate of salad that they helped prepare in the middle of the table with some protein. Some of our favourites are:

Hidden Vegetables plus Not-so-hidden Vegetables.

Thermomix Family Hidden Vegetable Bolognese
Family Chunky Bolognese with Hidden Vegetables

I’ve seen the hidden vegetable argument played out so many times on social media. Team Hidden Vegetable vs the parents soapboxing that the children should just eat what is on their plate. Personally I like to add hidden vegetables into the recipes I cook – it is great for using up old vegetables in the fridge and if it means the kids get a little extra goodness each day it helps give me a little mummy win. I also serve other vegetables with the hidden vegetables.

Sausages will always be a winner

Skinnymixer’s Skinless Sausages

In this household sausages still reign supreme. But these days I get to enjoy sausages the Skinnymixers way.

From the Skinless Sausages in THMIII that I know aren’t full of preservatives, the ridiculously tasty Coconut Curried Sausages (I use 1 Tbsp of Babas) or the All in One Sausage Dinner with the most delicious tomato onion gravy that you can serve on the side to avoid any complaints from your fusspot.

Pasta for fast dinners

Adapting recipes to your needs

Don’t be afraid of changing /  adapting a recipe to your needs. If you are concerned feel free to ask in Skinnymixers – there are no silly questions! 

Creamy Chicken Pie from The Healthy Mix III (mushrooms not compulsory)

Most children are sensitive to spice, so feel free to omit or decrease chilli, curry powder, cayenne pepper or even larger amounts of black pepper. You can switch smoked paprika to mild paprika if they don’t love the strength of smoked paprika.

Or even if a recipe calls for mushrooms… you have the power to not put them in 😉 My kids love the Creamy Chicken Pie Filling on Silky Sweet Potato Mash with bacon instead of mushrooms.

My kids also love the Speedy Beef Stir Fry but find it a little spicy, so I replace the birdseye chillies with a red cayenne chilli and reduce the ginger a little.


My little man has grown up so much. He loves to get involved with cooking and review new recipes.

Honestly it is just about survival, these precious years will pass and they will be a teenager driving themselves to McDonalds in no time at all. Everyone is different and doing their best. If you see a cry for help from a fellow parent, be kind, tell them they are a great parent for caring so much and maybe share a recipe that worked for you.

My fussy eater recently turned 7 years old and his tastebuds are definitely changing and he is more adventurous with food. He now actually eats potato salad, sometimes likes lettuce, is obsessed with mustard (hello Honey Mustard Chicken!) and pickles and get’s excited when we are testing new recipes for the new cookbooks. His favourite dinner is now the Baked Risotto from A Little Taste of Italy or the Peri Peri Chicken. He still has nights where he is exhausted from a big day at school and tries to tell me it is too spicy or doesn’t like it. I give him my best “eat your dinner or go to bed” look and he either finishes his plate or decides he’s had enough to eat. I know if he is hungry, it will be eaten.

Most weeknights we will eat a meal from The Healthy Mix cookbooks so if you are looking for family friendly weeknight favourites – these Thermomix cookbooks will be on high rotation.

If you have any funny stories or tips for other parents of fussy eating children, please share them below.

S x

  1. I am my wits end in the 5-year old Turdler v’s Mum fight. I can’t get a single vegetable or salad item into my son, mouth clamps, screams begin 😫. We have just progressed to macaroni cheese that was a huge win, he’ll eat any type of pasta under the sun .. with Parmesan cheese 🧀. He is very anti-meat but I’ll give everyone and Anyone’s recommendations a go…. ooh to roll back the time clock to when they ate everything as babies 👶 arghhhh. Thank god for pasta, beans and fish fingers aka dinosaur sticks is all I can say!

    Thanks Sian, I’ll keep trying.

  2. Great read my kids want eat the same food every week. While I want them to try new foods, I give some of this advice a go!

  3. Hi Sian – just wondering if you have the kids helping in the kitchen how you manage to hide the veges in things?


    1. Sometimes I will quickly do it and then call them in to help, other times I don’t hide it from them and just tell them they are always in there.

  4. Thank you for a great selection of recipes and helpful tips to tweak to kids tastebuds. I agree that hidden veggies along with whole veggies on their plate is very important. It can help a fussy kid get essential nutrients, while also teaching healthy eating habits. Kids helping in the kitchen and veggie garden is a not so secret weapon to getting those fussy ones to actually try new foods.

  5. Great article! Whilst I no longer have little kids in my life, it took me back to those days of constantly being challenged about what to have for dinner and how the little “fat detective” would pipe up, “I’m not eating that” if he could see any fat in the meal. He was always good with veggies, but wouldn’t eat roast lamb because it was fatty. Coming from a farm where we killed a sheep a week this was super frustrating. Nevertheless persistence pays off as you say – today roast lamb or Nik’s Greek Lamb are his favourites, so go figure.

  6. Thanks for this great artical! It’s a great reminder to persevere and keep eating light and fun.
    So many great Skinnymixers recipes that kids love!
    I still remember that moment my Mr fussy tucked back his Skinnymixers shepherds pie, full of peas and goodness.
    Thanks Nik too, for developing meals we can make in our thermomix with so much flavour! But that can be adapted to suit individual tastes without losing the essence of the recipe.

  7. Well done Sian, an absolutely honest approach when it comes to feeding a fussy kid. Mine are all adults now with their own kids, but I wish I knew about Thermomix then or more importantly Skinnymixers, it would have made my life easier as a full time shift working mum! Good on you for not giving in to the “Do gooder mums” that turn their nose up at hiding vegetables, any mum will use whatever means to make sure their child eats a nutritious meal and they shouldn’t be shaming other mums for doing what they have to do. My grandkids now, will eat whatever I cook, all I have to say is that it’s one of Nik’s meals and they will eat it. So thanks for keeping it real Sian and thanks to Nik for all the fabulous recipes xx

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