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Healthy Soft Food in the Thermomix

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Soft Food Recipes Thermomix

Hi! It’s Sian here…

This week one of my children had a fall and was put on a strict ‘Soft Foods’ only diet by the dentist for the next week. We actually get asked quite a bit in the Skinnymixers group for soft food recipes for people who have had their wisdom teeth out or perhaps gastric sleeve surgery. Hopefully this healthy recipe list for ‘soft foods’ in the Thermomix, will help next time it is needed.


Thermomix Dips
Thermomix Dips

Ok so the idea of eating dip off a spoon may not appeal to you. But if you’ve been living off a diet of soups, yoghurt, jelly and mashed vegetables for a few days then eating some full flavour snacks might be just what the doctor ordered.


Healthy Thermomix Soups

The Thermomix makes the most amazing soups. For the chunkier style soups, simply remove any bones or non-edibles and blend by gradually increasing to Speed 9 with your MC ON. If you need a really smooth consistency, try adding cauliflower, potato or pumpkin during the cooking process.


TIP: When making your own smoothies or ‘whole’ juice in the Thermomix. Add your vegetables and fruit with ice first. Blitz together like a sorbet with a little liquid. Then slowly add your chilled water, coconut water or other liquid through the MC hole whilst it is blending. The ice will help breakdown the vegetables/fruit and will give you a smoother consistency for your green smoothies.

Main Meals

Soft Food Main Meals

So beyond cooking a Thermomix recipe and then blending at the end (the Greek Simple Stew is Foodie Baby’s favourite puree to eat)… these meals lend themselves to a softer texture. With a little tweaking, you won’t just be eating pureed food.


Sweet Soft Food

These sweets can be eaten for breakfast or maybe some dessert.